​About Callum

I bring over 5 years of enriched experience as a seasoned recruiter specialising in the dynamic realms of engineering and technology. My professional journey commenced with an apprenticeship at the age of 18, and ever since, it has been an exhilarating ride.


Throughout my career, I've had the privilege of engaging with brilliant minds and collaborating with outstanding clients, continually expanding my knowledge within the recruitment industry. Each interaction has been a source of learning, shaping me into the professional I am today.


Driven by a fervent desire to provide exceptional service, I thrive on building a reputation that reflects integrity and dedication. I aspire to be a recognised name, synonymous with reliability and trustworthiness. My ultimate goal is to offer a world-class service that leaves a lasting impression, fostering referrals and establishing enduring relationships with both clients and candidates.


Having worked seamlessly with both large corporate enterprises and small family-owned businesses, I am committed to ensuring that each client receives the same level of service – characterised by dedication, time, and unwavering honesty.

Away from work

I am a passionate sports enthusiast, and my heart lies with Liverpool, a connection forged in my childhood due to numerous family ties in the city. However, my support extends beyond the Premier League, and I proudly hold a season ticket to cheer on my hometown team, Coventry City.

My sporting interests are broad, encompassing various disciplines, from boxing, which I've embraced since the age of 11, to showcasing my precision on a darts board. I also play for a local football team too.

Beyond the realm of sports, I enjoy spending quality time with my girlfriend, eating great food and travelling.

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