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How our engineering experience is powering success in energy recruitment

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​As the UK energy sector continues its huge shift towards sustainability, the demand for specialised talent has never been higher.

Here at Jonathan Lee Recruitment, we’ve seen a 22% increase in energy recruitment over the last 12 months, mirroring a wider trend in the industry. Far from being a one-off spike, this is the beginning of a long-term step-change towards more jobs in renewable energy.

With 45 years of experience in technology, engineering and manufacturing recruitment, we’re well-positioned to help businesses navigate these evolving workforce needs.

The business was founded in 1978 by Jonathan Lee, and we have supported our clients and candidates through immeasurable technological change ever since, adapting and evolving our services to meet the needs of industry.

During that time, we’ve built up invaluable knowledge and experience, not to mention a wealth of contacts, which have enabled us to take the lead in the evolving energy landscape.

Tackling the shortage of skills

Every day we hear announcements about new investments and developments in the renewable energy space, whether that’s new battery storage sites, electric vehicle battery factories, solar farms, offshore wind, carbon capture or other low carbon projects; and they all come with eye-watering figures for staffing requirements.

A recent report by Robert Gordon University on ‘Powering up the Workforce’ underlines the magnitude of the workforce transformation underway.

Looking at offshore alone, if the UK Government meets its ambitious targets—50GW of offshore wind, 10GW hydrogen, and up to 30 million tonnes of carbon capture and storage by 2030—the UK offshore energy workforce could swell from 150,000 in 2023 to a staggering 225,000 by 2030, the report predicts.

At the same time, the government anticipates the creation of up to 50,000 new jobs to facilitate new carbon capture usage and storage clusters, plus another 10,000 as we aim to increase our solar capacity five-fold by 2035 to 70GW.

With net zero targets on the line, the stakes are high to meet the talent demands of not just today, but tomorrow, and beyond.

The right expertise for an evolving sector

Our strength lies in our ability to adapt to market demands. The energy sector will require a diverse range of skills, from operations and engineering to design and project management. As well as promoting renewable energy careers among young people, bridging that skills gap relies on finding people with relevant skills that can be transferred, as well as those who match on core competencies and values.

With more than four decades under our belts in the closely related engineering, manufacturing, and technology sectors, we’re ideally placed and ready to help pivot people into new roles in new sectors.

A track record of trust

One of the key ingredients of our success is the enduring relationships we’ve established, evidenced by our 85% annual rate of repeat business. Businesses across a variety of sectors come back to us time and again for their recruitment needs. That’s because we go beyond simply filling roles; we’re committed to long-term partnerships, supporting businesses with their current and future recruitment needs in a way that helps achieve their objectives and growth.

A network of relevant contacts

That trust combined with our years of experience means we also have an extensive network of contacts, whether that’s candidates, start-ups, SMEs, huge corporations, or industry stakeholders. It means we know exactly where to look when it comes to unlocking talent and promoting your vacancies.

This is supported by a team of excellent recruitment professionals, many of whom have been with Jonathan Lee Recruitment for 20 years or more.

Navigating the energy recruitment landscape

The surge in energy recruitment activity is a sign of a sector in transformation. The emerging trends underscore the need for specialised recruitment agencies that can respond with agility and expertise. We’re here to ensure that the transition to a more sustainable energy future is fuelled by the right talent.

By partnering with Jonathan Lee Recruitment, you gain a dedicated team that is passionate about supporting your growth journey.

To find out more about how we can support you with your energy recruitment needs, read about our energy recruitment service here, or give our Associate Director, Lee Elwell, a call on 01384 446154, or email

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