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Coronavirus – Top tips to keep you hiring

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​Coronavirus is, unsurprisingly, having a huge impact on the recruitment industry. With the situation changing hourly, businesses and candidates need to be prepared, adaptable and cautious in order to safeguard themselves and others during this unsettling time.


In recent weeks we’ve seen a dramatic rise in video interviewing as many companies are encouraging employees to work from home. Google has moved all job interviews to hangouts, Amazon and Facebook have put all on-site job interviews on hold indefinitely and LinkedIn has made all job interviews virtual.Web conferencing business Zoom Video Communications has seen a jump in usage and had started to remove the 40-minute limit on free meetings for users in China to help more people to work remotely.


This period of uncertainty needn’t affect the recruitment process, we all just need to think of alternative means and using technology to overcome the challenges, without delaying key hires that will contribute to your future success.   Here at Jonathan Lee Recruitment we’ve been using video interviewing tools successfully with our clients and candidates, globally for quite some time.


We’ve put together our top tips for businesses and candidates to prepare you and your teams during this time.

For businesses

  1. Update your team on any changes to the interview format– including video interviews

  2. Speak to your candidates– if your company is operating a remote working policy, make your candidates aware of the new, online recruitment process

  3. Software and hardware check– ensure you have the technology in place to conduct online interviews

  4. Show your team how to conduct effective video interviews – it’s not that different to being face to face…

  5. Technical interviews –make sure you have the appropriate tools in place to enable candidates to complete online tasks

  6. Follow up with your team in a timely manner

    to assess candidates’ post-interview and decisions on the next steps. In the absence of an “in-person” experience candidates may look for a faster turnaround on feedback

For candidates

  1. Follow up with your recruitment –  Don’t pause your job search. Hiring teams will be adjusting to new interview formats and schedules. If you’re collaborative and adapt to the changing process, you may gain a strong advantage over the competition

  2. Prepare for a professional interview.

    Make sure all devices (laptop, headphones, camera, lights and internet connection) are set up properly and tested before the interview. Dress in business attire as you would for on-site interviews. Maintain a professional appearance and speak clearly and be prepared to repeat phrases or questions as you may experience technical difficulties

  3. Follow up post-interview to thank the team as per onsite interviews

  4. Don’t forget to turn off your camera and exit the platform once the interview is complete!


Whether you’re a candidate or a business we can help you navigate through these difficult times.  Get in touch to find out how.

Jayne Wogan, Head of Client Services

01384 446175

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