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We know there’s an engineering skills shortage and we know that more is being done to encourage young people to consider a career in engineering. We have the absolute pleasure of seeing first-hand the fascinating jobs, projects and opportunities out there. And even more satisfying is when we’re able to find our candidates their dream job.

Today (Valentine’s Day), of all days, seems timely to say why our candidates love working in the engineering, technology and manufacturing sectors. 

1. Work with great people

No matter what field of engineering you work in, collaboration and teamwork are fundamental to success. You inevitably meet, work and learn from some extremely interesting and inspiring people

2. Make your mark

Come up with solutions no one else has thought of and make your mark on the world – now that’s job satisfaction!

3.Never be bored

The portfolio career and contracting are trends on the rise. Working in engineering can expose you to a number of interesting projects and roles – it means you are constantly learning, being challenged and most certainly never bored

4. Be creative

Engineering is a great outlet for imagination, lateral thinking and self-expression

5. Love work, love life

Engineering is an exciting profession, but one of the greatest advantages is that many employers offer flexible working and working from home to promote a healthy work-life balance

6. Earn a big salary

The earning potential in engineering, tech and manufacturing is impressive! See our future mobility guide to benchmark against our top jobs

7. Skills transferability

With digitalisation and Industry 4.0 influencing engineering, there are more opportunities than ever to transfer skills. This means a career in engineering can be varied and could allow you to move into different industries

8. Make a difference

Everywhere you look, there are examples of engineering and technology having a positive effect on everyday life. Safer cars, medical advancements, preserving the environment and communication advancements. Engineering is improving our health, happiness and safety, reducing poverty, and protecting our planet

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