CMF Recruitment Experts

Colour, Materials and Finish Design is a key aspect of the creative design process within automotive studios and involves the design and development of colour & materials for creation and realisation) of vehicle interiors and exteriors from concept through to Job 1 and beyond. ​

We are always looking to build our network of CMF Designers and we want to engage with people who have creative vision and vehicle design skills and experience including:

  • ​Bring new ways of reading automotive, design & social trends and design applications into the design process and constantly challenging status quo

  • Development of interior/exterior body and trim finishes and surface materials in terms of colour, aesthetic and tactile qualities and the selection and application

  • Analyse cost and feasibility issues to achieve customer satisfaction Detailed liaison and collaborationwith Interior / Exterior Designers, Sales and Marketing, Engineers and Suppliers

  • Benchmark competitors and understand target customers

  • Collaborate with exterior and interior designers in developing CMF proposals

  • Provide creative solutions for the principal materials including fabrics, paint, decorative finishes and textures

  • Develop supplier relationships and generate new sources for materials

  • Visualisation and Presentation skills

  • Compile and update CMF brochures