TATA Motors European Technical Centre (TMETC) plc was established in 2005 on campus at the University of Warwick in Coventry. A wholly-owned subsidiary of TATA Motors Ltd (TML), one of India’s best-known private sector group of companies, it employs 350 engineers and technical specialists and is regarded as a centre of excellence for whole vehicle design and development.

TMETC complements TML’s skill-sets in India and helps to provide European and international standards of delivery for the company’s passenger car products, helping TML to defend and grow its domestic market position whilst entering new export markets. TMETC is also an active partner in a number of Advanced Low Carbon Technology collaborative programmes.

TMETC is a small but complete car company, with expertise in advanced engineering and research, design, whole vehicle product development and manufacturing engineering. There continues to be significant investment from the parent company with the £100m National Automotive Innovation Centre (NAIC) opened in 2018.

The challenge

TMETC had circa 10 recruitment agencies supplying contract and permanent roles with varying levels of service and control. The business, led by the Purchasing and HR Managers sought to streamline the supply chain in order to gain more simplicity and control in contractor management, improved focus and delivery of the recruitment requirements and process efficiencies for finance and other supporting functions.

The solution

After a rigorous supplier selection process in 2011, Jonathan Lee Contracts Ltd was awarded the Master Vendor contract, initially awarded for 2 years and the agreement has been extended through competitive tender and is still in place today.

The Results

  • A total of 450 placements since contract award (270 contract, 180 permanent)
    The significant investment TMETC has made into its talent bank over the last 5 years has been successfully supported by Jonathan Lee Contracts Ltd, the number of placements above reflects our ability to meet the spectrum of recruitment needs and serves to justify the decision to partner with Jonathan Lee in a Master Vendor relationship. The ability to attract the right skills has contributed significantly to the efficiency and therefore the profitability of the business.

  • 90% sourced directly by Jonathan Lee, 10% through second tier agencies
    We have clearly demonstrated our understanding of TMETC as a client. Our ability to match the right quality of candidates to TMETC has been second-to-none. Also, maintaining the majority of the recruitment through us as Master Vendor has saved time in the recruitment process, offering the best available quality candidates to enhance the TMETC team and generating cost savings by reducing the amount of roles going to tier.

  • Fully controlled purchase order process, complete elimination of pre-committal relating to recruitment service and contract workers
    With cost management being an ever-present challenge in the automotive sector, robust control of your purchase and finance processes has not only given an efficiency in the time taken to manage the process but also the reassurance that TMETC will not be financially compromised. Managing risk and imparting cost control is one of the key process improvements that the MV model has delivered.

  • Standardised terms and conditions, throughout the recruitment supply chain
    The robust contractual chain put in place by JLCL clearly defines the responsibility of Suppliers and directly reflects the terms and conditions agreed in the Master Vendor Agreement, thus reducing any risk to TMETC and ensuring costs are managed and predictable. It is now possible to accurately project costs forward for current requirements and any changes in demand.

  • A legally compliant process allowing contractors to travel to India on Employment Visas
    Providing a solution which not only meets the demands of the parent company, but limits exposure to the contract worker and encourages travel has facilitated the flexibility and movement of labour for TMETC. This has removed the administration and time burden from TMETC and manages potential deemed employment risk.

  • Successful implementation of Online Tracking & Reporting suite
    Providing TMETC with up-to-date management information to promote transparency in the recruitment processes and financial spend in real time which enables the agility of management and the ability to react to change.

  • Average CV submitted to Interview Ratio – 60%
    More than 1 in 2 of candidates submitted received a request for interview demonstrating the quality of the candidates sourced and screened under the Master Vendor model

  • Average Candidate Interview to Offer Extended – 48%
    Nearly one in two of the candidates interviewed received an offer of either contract or permanent work, again demonstrating the ability to match not just skills but also cultural fit for the teams and the wider business

  • Time to Hire reduced by more than half from in excess of 77 working days to an average of 32 working days
    Increased speed of hire enables TMETC to be more agile as hires become productive more quickly. JLCL is committed to continue to improve the time to both find and hire the highest calibre of candidates for the business.

The benefits of working with Jonathan Lee

  • A recruitment partnership delivering and managing a multifaceted supply chain

  • Unrivalled engineering & manufacturing industry recruitment capability and market presence

  • Improved consciousness and quality of the TMETC brand image in the recruitment market

  • Recruitment process management and development with a focus on continuous improvement

  • Consultative and risk-sharing approach for contractor management

What TMETC said about Jonathan Lee Recruitment

​'​Jonathan Lee has been our master vendor for recruitment since 2011. They have a very capable team and the level of technical competence amongst them is a key differentiator for us; the fact that many of them have worked in industry means there’s a high level of understanding - they talk our language and use this knowledge to project an informed and comprehensive picture of TMETC when acting on our behalf.

The efficacy of the MV model in highlighting opportunities for improvement in our own operating processes, particularly with regards to finance and purchasing, has also exceeded my expectations. They also stay at the forefront of advanced engineering and technology skills. As our needs have evolved, they have been able to provide advice on the market and to source the right candidates quickly.'

James Billingham - General Manager

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TMETC client page

As part of our work for TMETC we have set up a client page to showcase any open vacancies they currently have. To see the page and jobs at TMETC click here.