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On your bike!

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​Although this year has presented many challenges, not least that many workers have had to spend some time on furlough, there have also been some great opportunities for people to expand their skills and to contribute to charity, their local communities and society in general.  

Matthew Heath, Associate Director of our Search and Selection recruitment team, has continued to pursue his passion for motorcycling by successfully completing an assessment to work alongside the Midland Freewheelers, a charity “Blood Bike” organisation based in the West Midlands, UK  part of the National Association of Blood Bikes; https://www.bloodbikes.org.uk/

The National Association of Blood Bikes’ member groups are all staffed by unpaid volunteers, who provide this service to the NHS, free of charge.  Their members transport blood, platelets, samples, surgical instruments, human donor milk and many other clinical products across the UK & Ireland.  The last 12 years has seen the greatest increase in the number of blood bike groups, meaning that the UK mainland now has a coast to coast blood bike service, provided free of charge to the NHS. It is fair to say that the blood bike industry has become an integral part of the NHS front line services, delivering a robust service to professional standards. The fact that it is free of charge is just the icing on the cake.

The Midland Freewheelers, the group that Matthew supports, provides a completely voluntary service in support of NHS hospitals, clinics and organisations where products, documents, medication and other materials require urgent transport across the region on a 24 hour basis.  More information can be seen at https://www.midlandfreewheelers.co.uk/.

Our Chairman, Jonathan Lee commented; “One of our core values at Jonathan Lee Recruitment is to care.  As our VMV state, we are committed to contributing to progress in our community and to caring about our environment, to provide a brighter future for everyone, giving our people and partners a framework that encourages social connection, compassion and positivity, making work both a passion and a pleasure. 

Matthew’s activities uphold this superbly and we are very proud to support his efforts.  Well done Matthew!”

As the markets that Jonathan Lee Search and Selection support continue to return, contributions from Matthew and his colleagues across the UK on a voluntary basis provide a service which can support the UK’s workforce and families to get well and, hopefully, safely return.

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