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The Top 10 benefits of contracting

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Contract work is often misunderstood and deemed as riskier than a permanent role. However, there are many benefits of contracting and registering with a recruitment agency for contract work, we take a look at the top 10 below.

What are the benefits of contracting?

1. Flexibility

A big benefit of contract work is the added flexibility it can bring. Contractors are often able to choose how many hours they do and when and where they do them. This offers them the chance for a greater work/life balance and a work schedule that suits them.

2. More money

The 2021 changes in the implementation of IR35 legislation now means that some self-employed workers and the businesses that hire them, have since April, had to pay tax differently and in many cases, more.

However, if able to prove that your role is genuinely self-employed and therefore Outside IR35, you can still operate through your own limited company (PSC) and enjoy the benefits of that – such as flexible salary contribution and dividend payments.

3. Gain new skills fast

As a contractor, your employer will be looking to use your skillset and knowledge to fill gaps in their business but of course each company works differently, so working for many different firms gives you the chance to experience new things, overcome challenges, increase your adaptability and gain new skills.

4. Improve your CV

An added bonus of gaining new skills in new environments is that it also gives you the chance to build up your cv and showcase everything you have learnt and experienced whilst contracting. This may put you at a good advantage when looking for more contract work in the future.

5. Trial different jobs

As discussed above Contracting allows you the freedom of experiencing different things at a fast rate, so you can often work out the precise area of the work that you do that you may wish to specialise in. Many contractors discover that there are parts of the jobs they like doing and parts they don’t. The great thing with contracting is you can discover this fast and then specialise only in the areas you wish to.

6. Trial a company

As well as the chance to trial different jobs, contracting gives you the chance to see what a company is like to work for. Don’t like what you see? You can move on as soon as your contract ends. However if the company seems like they could be a good fit for you, there is always the chance to enquire about the possibility of extending your contract or discussing if there are any permanent roles within the company.

7. No office politics

Contract workers often say that a big benefit of contracting is that they no longer have to engage in office politics, as generally they have a specific task to do there is less need to skirt around issues and worry about offending or having to impress certain people to climb the promotion ladder.

This is often appreciated by the employer too as they get the chance for an honest appraisal from an outside, independent source into things that may not be working quite as they should.

8. Build a network

Contracting offers the perfect way to build your professional network. You will meet a lot of people in a short amount of time, giving you the chance to connect with similar people who too could need your services in the future and also make a note of those whose service you could promote to others too.

9. Fast start

The time it takes to hire a contractor is also often reduced when compared to hiring permanent staff. There is less risk and commitment required by the potential employer and employee so they are often happier to make an assessment faster when hiring a contractor.

This ensures that you will often have less time spent waiting on interviews and be in a job faster than a permanent jobseeker. Of course as a contractor there is no need to book time off for job interviews, like you may need to when in permanent employment.

10. Holidays

Contracting offers the choice to decide how many holiday days you want and when you want to take them. Feel like finishing a contract at the end of November and having a pro-longed Christmas? Why not? You are in control of your annual leave rather than having to take at pre-defined times during the year.

How do I find contract jobs?

If you like the sound of the benefits of being a contractor and you think contracting could be for you, it’s worth checking out job search websites and contacting contract recruitment agencies to discuss the type of work you require.

Looking for a job in the manufacturing, commercial, engineering or advanced technology arena? We have over 450 open jobs on our website, and, you can setup job alerts on our contract recruitment agency website so that you are always first to hear about contract job opportunities.

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