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Businesses in renewable energy urged to prepare now for future recruitment needs

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​Lee Elwell, Associate Director – Energy caught up with the team at Get Real on Climate Change recently to discuss the latest trends in renewable energy recruitment…

Businesses in renewable energy are being encouraged to plan ahead for their recruitment needs as billions of pounds worth of additional funding is announced for the sector.

Huge investments are being promised by the Government and industry into low carbon projects, solar infrastructure, offshore wind and tidal, resulting in tens of thousands of new jobs.

At the same time, the Government is also committing to new oil and gas licences, a revival in nuclear, and new projects in carbon capture usage and storage, which it says will ‘protect 200,000 jobs in a vital industry’ and ‘support up to 50,000 new ones’.

Lee Elwell, associate director and energy specialist at Jonathan Lee Recruitment, which has been supporting businesses with their recruitment needs for 45 years, said: “There is a significant skills shortage in these sectors and while the recent announcements are accompanied by huge numbers of jobs that will be created, we’ve yet to see the detail about any plans to solve the recruitment challenges.

“It’s all well and good promising 50,000 new jobs, but where will these skilled workers come from? And that’s just for one project alone. There would have to be education and training on an industrial level to even begin to meet these needs in the coming years.

“One obvious area for transferring skills would be… continue reading

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