​About Gareth

I’ve worked here for a good amount of time covering many disciplines on the recruitment side as well as being the company's social secretary.  I joined in 2007 having fell into recruitment in 2005 after finishing my degree and Birmingham became my home from home. Originally from near Bristol, I spend a lot of my time at Jonathan Lee teaching people to “talk proper” and educating them in the ways of the West Country (“Is the tide ever in?”)


I like to work with companies in a transparent and honest way which saves everyone time and, hopefully, achieve the best recruitment outcomes for all.

Away from work

I play and coach rugby for Stourbridge which is why I often come into work walking a bit like Hugh Laurie does in "House".

​I’m skilled in recruiting for the following positions / sectors:

Production and manufacturing staff on a contract and permanent basis to include skill such as CNC, Toolmakers and Maintenance.

More jobs from Gareth

Solutions through understanding