Studio Engineering Recruitment

Studio Engineering Recruitment. We support automotive design studios to source the best permanent and contract studio engineering skills

Studio Engineering experts

​Studio Engineering provides the bridge from the creative design phase to the development of new vehicle designs for concept and production programmes. We work with permanent and contract Studio Engineers to provide studio engineering support from initial concept design through manufacturing feasibility to prototype development and into volume production and vehicle launch.


We are always looking to build our network of Studio Engineers and we want to engage with people who have core studio engineering skills and experience including:

  • Knowledge of Studio Engineering and Design support, including Class A surfacing, Body in White, Exterior Trim and Interior Trim design and development
  • Ability to analyse package and feasibility issues with physical or clay models, digital Modelling and engineering teams to find and propose solutions
  • Co-ordination and facilitation of multiple cross-functional teams and studio engineers to resolve issues
  • Contribution to or leadership of Surface and Design reviews, aerodynamic reviews or any other technical and functional meetings
  • Support the vehicle concepts process with designers
  • Preparation of technical proposals, vehicle overlays, comparison sections, data sheets, screenshots and presentations for design reviews
  • Interpretation of legal requirements such as vision angles and zones, to ensure compliance by the design surface models
  • Verifying data and distributing between Engineering, Modelling, Manufacturing and Suppliers and confirming feasibility and compatibility with design intent
  • Assist core engineering team with the development of the Master Sections Book
  • Work with manufacturers of both interior and exterior model stacks
  • Support of issues management process and design feasibility checks

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