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Powering your business together: How we work with energy enterprises to unlock success

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​We know you don’t need us to tell you how big the energy sector is at the moment. And if you work in this area, particularly in renewables, you’re hopefully already gearing your business up to take full advantage of the many opportunities coming your way.

There is huge potential for early adopters and innovators to position themselves as market leaders in the rapidly evolving renewable energy arena, whether that’s solar energy, wind energy, tidal, biogas, anaerobic digestion, hydrogen and hydrocarbons, energy storage, electric vehicle battery recycling, electrification, or one of many others.

Every business in every industry is being pushed to respond to net zero targets with innovative solutions to the climate problem.

But we also know this is fraught with challenges. Not least the recruitment issue which you can read about pretty much daily. There’s a huge shortage of the people needed to meet the demand. Attracting and retaining top talent therefore continues to be high on the agenda for many an energy business.

And this is where having a renewable energy recruitment agency like Jonathan Lee as your strategic partner can really supercharge your growth plans.

We support a variety of businesses of all sizes, from multinational utilities companies, OEMs and mid-market aggregates to the start-up entrepreneurs which are bringing transformative new innovations to the field.

Our role as a strategic partner extends way beyond hiring green energy talent – we’ll do that as well, but we’ll also help make sure you are perfectly placed to unlock your competitive advantage and really grow your business.

Here’s an overview of the valuable role we play as strategic partners for businesses when it comes to renewable energy recruitment.

Energy employees working

Getting to know you

The first thing we’ll do is get to know you and your business by taking time to understand your aims, aspirations, and challenges. Once we know where you want to be, we can work on the bespoke recruitment strategy that will help you get there.

Insights and market knowledge

We’ve worked in recruitment for 45 years and we have a specialist energy division which knows the market inside out. We’ll take our knowledge of industry trends, regulatory changes, Government initiatives, funding opportunities and recruitment data and apply it to your energy recruitment strategy. We’ll help you benchmark salaries and benefit packages, so you know exactly where to be pitching yourself to win the best candidates.

Bespoke recruitment solution

When it’s a candidates’ market, every business has to work harder and smarter to secure the talent they need for their ventures to succeed. But this shouldn’t hold you back. Because of our extensive experience in recruitment, we’re great at unearthing hidden talent. We can help you identify suitable candidates by skillset rather than titles and qualifications – this is vital when demand is high, but supply is low. We know where to look for those people, whether that be a specific location or a synergistic sector where those transferrable skills are rife.

It might be that consultants or freelancers are the best solution for you – particularly when seeking to fill the more specialist roles, such as in design and technology.

Energy recruitment in action

Access to expertise

Particularly for renewable energy start-ups, the journey from concept to execution can be challenging. If you don’t have the knowledge or contacts needed to bring your ideas to life, don’t worry, we do.

Mitigating risk

Resource constraints and limited budgets are always a factor in business, but many may currently find themselves with a lower-than-normal appetite for risk. We can assist in mitigating risk by exploring flexible solutions for you, such as hiring contractors or consultants for specific projects. This allows businesses to access specialised expertise without the long-term commitment.

Joining forces to power a greener future

By partnering with Jonathan Lee, you gain a dedicated team that is passionate about supporting your growth journey. Together we can drive innovation, unlock potential, and accelerate the transition to a greener future.

To find out more about how we can support you with your energy recruitment needs, read about our energy recruitment service here, or give our Associate Director, Lee Elwell, a call on 01384 446154.

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