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Meeting the Digital Design Needs of OEMs

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​For original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) looking for Class A surface modelling, talent can be very hard to source and secure. Finding and employing a full team of designers and engineers can be time consuming and costly for what may prove to be a short-term project.

Set up three years ago to meet this very particular need in the automotive OEM market, Jonathan Lee Design Services (JLDS) has a team of more than 20 digital modellers using Alias Surface Studio that provides fixed deliverable-based projects.  

Rather than OEMs having to hire staff for a protracted period of time, JLDS’ services can be used for a fixed cost to deliver a specified project. With this flexibility, JLDS could put two, ten or 20 digital modellers onto a project, dependent on the timescales and expertise required by the client.

Along with a collective pool of talent with decades of experience utilising Alias software for A Class Surface modelling, JLDS also specialises in electric vehicles possessing a deep understanding of aerodynamics and lightweight structures in vehicle design.

JLDS has delivered a broad range of high profile projects including major UK car manufacturers’ models and the Faraday Future FF91 electric car launched at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas last year.

Ron Polonski, Head of Design at Faraday Future, said: “Jonathan Lee Design Services was an important part of the Class A phase of the vehicle’s interior development. Their speed, quality and professionalism were top class and they were a real joy to work with. We will work with them again.”

We’ve worked on a number of prestigious projects in the past year and have seen a substantial growth in demand for our services and, in turn, our business has grown too – more than trebling in size in the past 12 months.

Our success has been down to the knowledge and capabilities of our experienced team. The target for the coming year is to continue to expand our customer base beyond automotive and leverage the extensive experience we have within the electric vehicle market.

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