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How Businesses can Overcome Recruitment Challenges to Achieve Net Zero Goals

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Article taken from Lee Elwell’s recent sit down with Energy Manager Magazine…

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Businesses looking to recruit in the renewable energy market must adopt a more flexible approach if they want to overcome the massive skills challenges in the short term.

While it’s clear systemic change is fundamental to long-term progress, more immediate solutions are needed to help businesses fill the vacancies that are crucial to their own – and the UK’s – net zero agenda.

Energy recruitment specialists at Jonathan Lee Recruitment have been drawing on the company’s 45 years of experience to explore measures that can be taken by managers, HR teams, CEOs, and green start-ups right now to tackle the skills shortage.

Jonathan Lee Group associate director and energy recruitment specialist, Lee Elwell discusses the issue……

We all know there is a skills shortage in renewable energy recruitment and it’s serious enough that it threatens to jeopardise the UK’s ability to meet its net zero goals. Yet the market itself is in a massive boom phase and this is only going to continue.

It’s obvious change is needed at a grassroots level in terms of education and training, but this isn’t helpful to the businesses which need staff today – and there are a lot of them.

If we take just the solar sector alone, our own insights tell us there’s a… continue reading

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