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Changing careers into future mobility

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​The future of transportation is exciting, and is poised to dramatically change how we live our lives and travel. It is also fundamentally changing the related labour markets.

Industry’s move towards automated, connected and electrified technologies in addition to the digitisation of manufacturing will affect existing workforces and the careers available within electric vehicle (EV), connected and autonomous (CAV) and infrastructure (charging points) industries. 

There are plenty of studies, research papers and strategies that discuss future skills. However, they generally only go as far as to open the debate; provide a perspective, vision or even an idealistic view of jobs in the future. In the here and now, there is a lot of uncertainty and very little practical guidance out there, particularly for employees. So what’s most important is for people and companies to be proactive and start to prepare…


We are increasingly finding candidates concerned about their future job prospects, and asking:

  • Will my job or skill set become obsolete?

  • What skills will be in demand in the future?

  • What transferable skills do I have?

  • Is there a natural job role or area could I move into?

  • How do I go about upskilling?

  • I want a job in EV and CAV – what do I need to do next?

With fossil fuel powered cars set to be banned as soon as 2035, traditional powertrain as we know it could creep into extinction  – alongside the jobs that support the function. This is a daunting prospect for those that have dedicated their career to the specialism.

Traditionally training in the automotive sector has been difficult to navigate – characterised by a complicated patchwork of colleges, universities, private providers and in-house training. For those looking to upskill now, however, many of these issues are being addressed and many employers have started to collaborate with academia to create new courses that evolve and adapt quickly to include the latest technological advancements and trends.

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