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Benefits of Hiring a Contractor

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​Struggling to find the right permanent employee? Have you considered hiring a contractor instead?

Many businesses want and need the stability that a permanent workforce offers, however it can be costly and limiting to ignore the value of contractors to a business.

When there is short-term work to be done or expert skills are needed for a finite period, using a contractor can offer great advantages – Our top 10 benefits of hiring a contractor are below:

10 benefits of hiring a contractor:


In these times of political and economic uncertainty, you might not want to commit to taking on a permanent member of staff, with a contractor you have the ability to access the skills you need without the long term commitment.


The overheads for contractors are lower – there are no PAYE or National Insurance contributions to administer, no paid sickness, holiday leave, or pension either. Time and administrative burdens are subsequently reduced and there is no obligation to provide an induction or appraisal.


You can specify the type, duration working hours and scope that you need to get the job done.  A contractor can help where you have seasonal peaks and troughs too.


You can use a contractor for one-off jobs or projects, to manage change, for fast turnaround or for jobs requiring specialist expertise (including skill-sets needed to plan and implement disruptive technologies).


Using contractors enables your permanent staff to concentrate on the core business activities.


It’s usually much quicker to get a contractor onboard and working effectively even when you are looking for a large number of people.


A permanent staff member out of the business due to sickness, sabbatical or maternity leave?  A contractor is a great way of keeping the wheels turning in their absence.


Defined costs and time frame from the outset.


A fresh perspective from someone outside the business, who is happy to assess and report on things as they see it, without the complication of being connected to the company and not wanting to offend, has the ability to completely change a way a business operates for the better.


Hiring a contractor also offers a fantastic opportunity to see whether someone could be a good fit for your company in the long-term. Like what you see? Why not offer a permanent contract instead?

How do I find a contractor for my business?

Many contractors that work within the manufacturing, engineering and technical sectors find out about roles through specialist contract recruitment companies that advertise specific roles such as Jonathan Lee Recruitment.

Should I use a specialist contract recruitment company?

Businesses will often choose to take on contractors via a reputable recruitment business (rather than direct) because they lack the time, resources and expertise (of contracting) to recruit effectively.

The legal framework surrounding contracting is also quite different to permanent. A reputable recruitment business will be ISO accredited and members of relevant professional bodies; for example, the REC (Recruitment and Employment Confederation) and will have robust contractual documentation processes which clearly defines the relationships and responsibilities of all parties up and down the supply chain. They also operate a strict compliance audit process that protects all parties and meets the legal obligations and requirements of HMRC etc.

Many contractors also choose to work through trusted recruitment businesses in their industry because of their experience of working with contractors (often recommended by fellow contractors). These recruitment businesses offer value added support and advice as part of the service.

Reliance on contractors

One thing is for certain; the UK economy has and always will rely on the flexibility and skills that a contingent workforce provides. Understanding the advantages of hiring a contractor vs a permanent team member will provide business leaders with the best chance of addressing their skills needs.

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