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The Leicestershire based technology company are looking for new talent to join their team.

About Zeeko Ltd

Zeeko Ltd, a UK-based Technology Company established in 2000, has grown from a start-up with revolutionary ultra-precision polishing technology to a global leader. Specialising in Intelligent Robotic Polishers (IRP), Zeeko manufactures machines for high-precision optics, orthopaedic joints, semiconductors, and precision moulds across various materials.

With over 52 worldwide patents, Zeeko is an innovative and dynamic force in the industry, strategically positioned for lateral expansion and global success. Its involvement in the UK Trade Mission to NASA signals plans to contribute to manufacturing astronomical optics for the new generation of segmented telescopes, showcasing its pivotal role as a key innovator in polishing technology and measurement techniques for the astronomical community.

Continued Growth

Established in 2000, Zeeko aimed to enhance mirror production for telescopes using next-gen optics fabrication technology. Over time, the mission expanded to various industries, always centring on creating high-precision surfaces for efficient production. Zeeko, owning all its IP, installed 150+ ultra-high precision IRP polishing machines worldwide, serving Astronomy, Space, Defense, Semiconductor, X-ray, and consumer products.

Notable projects include a 2-meter machine for the E-ELT telescope, polishing camera lenses for high-end mobiles, and contributing to AR/VR headset technology for US “Big Tech” companies. Zeeko's achievements also span the NASA Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter optics and supplying machines for space projects like X-ray telescopes and Starlink satellites. Recent endeavours involve supplying machines for polishing silicon mirrors for STAR-X, AXIS, and LYNX projects.

Beyond glass optics, Zeeko excels in metal, ceramic, and carbide optics polishing using the patented Shape Adaptive Grinding (SAG). This innovation spawned a startup within Zeeko, focusing on metal components polishing, supported by unique robot polishing cells and adaptable software for CNC machines.

Investing 20% of annual sales in R&D, Zeeko stays ahead in anticipating and addressing challenges. Firmly rooted in Semiconductor, Space, Defense, Consumer VR/AR, Optics, and Process Automation industries, Zeeko experiences significant growth, driving investment and job creation, supported vigorously by the owners.

Jobs at Zeeko Ltd

Interested in applying for a Zeeko Ltd job?

Zeeko Ltd is an equal opportunities employer and would welcome applicants of every type.  ​The company prides itself on having a friendly, flexible, informal working atmosphere, believing this to be conducive to achieving the technical excellence which underpins success.

If you believe you could be the perfect fit then we would love to hear from you.

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