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Orcina, home of OrcaFlex, the world's leading software package for marine systems design and analysis, are looking for new talent to contribute towards their steady growth.

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About Orcina

Founded in 1986 and based on the edge of the Lake District, the company is widely recognised as a global leader in its field, with a well-established reputation for innovation, excellence and real-world capability

At the heart of their activities is their unique OrcaFlex software, the market leading numerical simulation program,which has set a new industry standard where offshore dynamic analysis is concerned.

Orcina serve globally to sectors focused on research, analysis and engineering in oil & gas, wet renewables, oceanographic, seismic, defence, and aquaculture. In particular, the offshore floating wind market is an area of considerable growth

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About OrcaFlex

OrcaFlex is the world’s leading package for the dynamic analysis of offshore marine systems, renowned for its breadth of technical capability and user friendliness. OrcaFlex also has the unique capability in its class to be used as a library, allowing a host of automation possibilities and ready integration into 3rd party software.

The software is primarily used by naval architects, engineers, consultants and designers to analyse and solve engineering problems. Their software and approach is flexible enough to accommodate the needs of large corporates requiring hundreds of licenses and individuals who just require one.

Typical applications in offshore dynamic analysis include:

  • Riser systems: SCRs, TTRs, hybrids, flexibles, umbilicals, hoses

  • Mooring systems: spread, turret, SPM, jetty, etc.

  • Installation planning with capabilities across the full range of scenarios

  • Towed systems: bundle dynamics, seismic arrays, towed bodies, etc.

  • Defence, marine renewables, seabed stability and many other types of system

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Working at Orcina

Broadly speaking, the company identifies three main internal functions – software & technology, administration and consultancy. They don’t have rigid distinctions between them, so in principle all staff can contribute effort to these functions. However, in practice, skill sets and aptitude usually mean that staff focus only in one or two areas.

Those on the software & technology side write and publish the programs, dealing with development of the user interface, ease-of-use functionality and the mathematical models used in the software.

The administration group deals with accounts, software dispatch and licensing, and internal IT support.

The main activity of those contributing to the consultancy function is to support and train clients in the use of the software, and to market the products. A small amount of consultancy analysis work for external clients occurs but this is reducing as a proportion of all activity.

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Orcina HQ

​​Orcina are currently strengthening their team in order to continue their steady growth.

With market usage by naval architects, engineers, consultants and designers to analyse and solve engineering problems, they are seeking a range of software and consultant engineering talent, working from their head office in Cumbria but supporting their global client base.

Specific expertise being sought at this time are:

  • Consultant Engineer - To support product and service delivery, training, customer engagement and problem solving, globally

  • Software Developer - Focus on the specification, maintenance, integration and development of cloud and distributed computing options, databases and other software programmes

Orcaflex staff

Interested in becoming part of the team? 

We are an equal opportunities employer and would welcome applicants of every type.  ​We pride ourselves on having a friendly, flexible, informal working atmosphere, believing this to be conducive to achieving the technical excellence which underpins the success of our firm.

If you believe we could be the perfect fit then we would love to hear from you.

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