Class A Surfacing and
CAS Modelling Recruitment

Class A surfacing recruitment and CAS modelling recruitment for automotive design studios including ALIAS and ICEM-Surf

Class A Surfacing / CAS Modelling recruitment experts

​Looking for a Class A Surfacer or CAS Modeller to join your design team or looking for your next Class A surfacing role, we have a network of experienced Class-A surfacers and we are always interested in hearing from talented Class-A surfacers with experience including;


  • Knowledge in the creation of surfaces to a high quality that capture design intent
  • Interpretation of 2D sketches into 3D data
  • Ability to assist the development process by integrating engineering, manufacturing, and technical attributes with design intent during surface creation
  • Generation of data that supports hard modelling activities
  • Knowledge of assisting with data creation for visualisation
  • ALIAS Modelling skills
  • ICEM-Surf Modelling skills

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