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Our candidates are extremely important to us at Jonathan Lee Recruitment and we are committed to engaging positively with you throughout the recruitment process.

Why choose us?

We are aware that regular, flexible and prompt payment and payroll services is the highest priority when working on contract. We want you to be able to concentrate on your work safe in the knowledge that payment will arrive on time and without issue. Our friendly and professional payroll team has a 100% record on on-time payment, where all documentation is provided in line with the agreed process.

Our robust contractual documentation process clearly defines the relationships and responsibilities of all parties up and down the supply chain. We also operate a strict compliance audit process that protects all parties and meets the legal obligations and requirements of HMRC etc.

Our contractor insurance requirements are industry leading and ensure all parties are protected.

Contractor services

Payment and Payroll Services

We understand that being paid on-time for services provided is often the most important factor when choosing a recruitment partner and we have set up our processes, with our in-house dedicated accounts and payroll team to run regular payment schedules to ensure that all of our contractors are paid on time, every time.

For more information about our payment process, timesheet portal user guides and to download pay schedules click the button below

Contractor insurance

At Jonathan Lee, we take our responsibilities for compliance, risk mitigation and the ongoing welfare of our contractors very seriously. Now, more than ever before, contractors need to ensure that they, and their companies are fully protected against the risk of legal action or claim.

For more information about contractor insurance and Kingsbridge Contractor insurance click the button below.

Umbrella partners

We view our partners as an extension of our services, in place to provide expertise, guidance and support to ensure that our contractors have the peace of mind to be able to concentrate on delivering the services required. 

We have three partners selected for umbrella services; JSA, Danbro and Champion. For more information about our partners click the button below


We keep fully up to date with changing UK legislation and ensure that our contract documentation, processes and payments meet all legal requirements and HMRC standards, giving you confidence that we are there to support you.

Click the button below to find links to all of our legal policies and a place to ask any questions you have.


​IR35 has changed. New legislation came into force on 6 April 2021. Don't worry, we are on top of it and now can offer PAYE solutions as well as advice on tax status associated with the various roles undertaken by our contractors and to implement any changes smoothly and efficiently. 

Download our handy IR35 eGuide below to find out more.


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Jonathan Lee Contract Recruitment provides reliable and flexible resource solutions, with the minimum administrative burden and the highest levels of legislative compliance and professionalism.