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Offshore energy jobs could double by 2030 if successful transition from fossils to renewables is achieved

14/9/23 – Offshore Energy

A new report by Robert Gordon University has found that the UK offshore energy workforce can increase by up to 50% from over 150,000 in 2023 to 225,000 by the end of the decade with new renewable jobs outnumbering… Read full story

Why business demand for renewables is an opportunity for independent solar generators

12/9/23 –Solar Power Portal

Energy is a hot topic at the moment, particularly in terms of how the UK can accelerate the move to a safe, sustainable and secure energy system. As such, the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNZ) recently announced a raft of… Read full story

Electric Vehicle Battery Recycling Market to Worth $20.07 Billion by 2028, Boom in Sustainability Reshaping the Future Growth of the Market

11/9/23 –Cision PR newswire

The rapid adoption of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, increasing government investments in technological advancement, and the spiking demand for New-generation automobiles are among the top contributing factors to the rising growth and adoption of Industry 4.0 tech across industries. Growing demand for... Read full story

Volvo is going to turn used EV batteries into new battery storage

10/9/23 – Industrial News

Volvo Energyand UK battery storage company Connected Energytoday announced that they’ve signed a letter of intent to turn used Volvo EV batteries into new battery storage.Read full story

Are Europe’s distribution grids ready for heavy-duty EVs?

1/9/23 – Electrek

According to the European Federation for Transport and Environment (T&E), for the electric grid to not be a roadblock hampering the future of Europe’s electric transport sector, namely heavy-duty EVs, it will be imperative for all stakeholders to… Read full story

New partnership to bolster rooftop solar for commercial buildings

31/8/23 – Solar Power Portal

A new three-way partnership will use financial, legal and commercial support to help expand rooftop solar on commercial buildings. ‘Climate positive’ housebuilder Greencore Homes has partnered with its factory landlord… Read full story

Zinc-air batteries offer lithium alternative

31/8/23 – The Engineer

Lithium-ion batteries proliferate the battery storage market, but their shortcomings in terms of cost, resource demands and safety are well known. In a new study, led by engineers at Edith Cowan University (ECU) in Perth, it was shown that batteries withRead full story

Battery storage could lower the cost of grid infrastructure, says developers

30/8/23 – Solar Power Portal

Last week, Solar Power Portal’s sister publication Current± released a blog discussing how battery energy storage could mitigate the cost of grid infrastructure, off the back of Nick Winser’s, the UK electricity networks commissioner, landmark report. Despite the positive legislations and changes Winser presented to the energy community, there was still a distinct lack of… Read full story

Drive towards UK industrial decarbonisation receives boost with 13 new research projects

29/8/23 – UK Manufacturing

The next wave of research that aims to accelerate the decarbonisation of the UK’s major industrial clusters has been announced by the Industrial Decarbonisation Research and Innovation Centre (IDRIC). Backed by UKRI’s Industrial Decarbonisation Challenge, IDRIC has made the awards as part of its... Read full story

Solar PV generation increased by 10% in 2022, says DESNZ

25/8/23 – Solar Power Portal

A Department for Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNZ) report has stated that solar photovoltaics (PV) increased its generation by 10% between 2021 and 2022. Solar PV generated 13.3TWh of electricity in 2022, an increase on the… Read full story

UK primed to become a global frontrunner in battery recycling

15/8/23 – the energyst

The UK has everything it needs to become a frontrunner in the global battery recycling industry but, to achieve this, there must be collaboration across industry, academia and government, according to a new report. The 2035 UK Battery Recycling Industry Vision, from the Innovate UK KTN Cross-Sector Battery Systems Innovation Network, identifies key areas for… Read full story

How businesses can overcome recruitment challenges to achieve net zero goals

14/8/23 – EM Magazine

Businesses looking to recruit in the renewable energy market must adopt a more flexible approach if they want to overcome the massive skills challenges in the short term. While it’s clear systemic change is fundamental to long-term progress, more immediate solutions are needed to help… Read full story

Businesses in renewable energy urged to prepare now for future recruitment needs

13/8/23 – Get Real on Climate Change

Businesses in renewable energy are being encouraged to plan ahead for their recruitment needs as billions of pounds worth of additional funding is announced for the sector. Huge investments are being promised by the Government and industry into low carbon projects, solar infrastructure, offshore wind and tidal, resulting in tens of thousands of new jobs. At the same time, the Government is also… Read full story

UK’s blueprint for energy security goes hand in hand with net-zero as oil & gas, nuclear and renewables join forces

15/8/23 –Offshore Energy

After the energy security woes wreaked havoc on the global stage last year, countries around the globe, including the United Kingdom, are taking steps to shore up different energy supplies in a bid to make the system more resilient to shocks. In line with this, the UK government recently set out plans to... Read full story

Carlton Power granted permission for £750m UK battery energy storage system

1/8/23 – Innovation News Network

Carlton Power has secured planning permission to develop a £750m battery energy storage system in Greater Manchester, the largest project of its kind worldwide. Located at the… Read full story

‘World’s largest battery storage project’ gets planning permission in Manchester

17/7/23 – imeche

Energy infrastructure firm Carlton Power has received planning permission for what it called the “world’s largest battery energy storage scheme (BESS)”. The 1GW (1,040MW/ 2,080Mwh) project was approved by… Read full story

Report flags lack of UK automotive battery recycling

13/7/23 – eeNews Power

A new report is highlighting the lack of large-scale automotive battery recycling in the UK. The Battery End of Life Recycling value chain report from the Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) takes an in-depth look at the UK’s preparedness for the growing demand for managing critical materials supply. The next few years will be… Read full story

Atlas Copco launches five new Li-ion storage systems

13/7/23 – Industrial News

Atlas Copco Power and Flow has launched five new models of its industry-leading Lithium-ion Energy Storage Systems (ESS). The new units expand the spectrum of suitable applications and provide customers with increased options for power… Read full story

Altilium and Marubeni Team up on UK Electric Vehicle Battery Recycling

7/7/23 – Batteries News

Altilium and Marubeni team up on UK electric vehicle battery recycling, building a low-carbon supply chain for a sustainable automotive future. Altilium Metals, a UK-based green technology group focused on supporting the transition to.. Read full story

Unlocking the power of renewables with energy storage 

7/7/23 – Solar Power World

An increase in energy storage capacity will unlock the power of renewables and, ultimately, play a key role in unlocking a successful energy transition. By pairing more renewable energy projects with energy storage, renewable energy reliability will improve. To understand what this means for theRead full story

Battery Recycling Market to Reach $36Bn by 2028

7/7/23 – Power Engineering International

The battery recycling market has experienced substantial growth due to the rising government regulations concerning battery disposal and recycling. Policymakers have implemented various regulations to promote the efficient usage and proper disposal of battery waste materials. These regulations have played a crucial role in... Read full story

How Norway is turning used car batteries into black gold

5/7/23 – N Business

Wearing a white lab coat and with a gas mask within reach, Ole Jorgen Gronvoldmeasures the humidityof an intriguingdark powder toutedas the planet’s next black gold. But this black gold – a term that usually refers to oil – is actually good for the Earth. In south-east Norway... Read full story

Major battery recycling plant moves forward

7/7/23 – The Business Desk

The first listed UK company focused on battery metals, has revealed its battery recycling business will be entering a commissioning phase at the UK’s first lithium-ion (“Li-ion”) battery recycling facility in Wolverhampton. Recyclus will be feeding the first... Read full story

Solar energy demand could rise by 40% in 2023 says Bloomberg Intelligence

5/7/23 – Solar Power Portal

Solar will remain the energy sector’s fastest-growing sub-segment, says a Bloomberg Intelligence report, which suggests that demand could soar by 30-40% in 2023. The good news for the solar sector follows a record 2022, when global solar capacity expanded by about… Read full story

5 Tips for Recruiting Top Talent in Renewable Energy and Energy Storage

7/7/23 – Jonathan Lee Recruitment

​The renewable energy industry is experiencing significant growth, and with the increasing importance of energy storage, there is a rising demand for top talent in this sector. As energy storage plays a crucial role in optimising the efficiency and reliability of renewable energy, it’s vital for companies to attract and recruit skilled professionals who can maximise its potential. In this blog post, we will explore 5 effective tips for recruiting top talent in renewable energy with a focus on energy stora... Read full story

Intel and Dell Partner with UK Atomic Energy Authority on Fusion Power Plant Digital Twin

7/7/23 – Inside HPC

Intel and Dell Technologies have announced they are working with the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) and the Cambridge Open Zettascale Lab plan to build a digital twin of the... Read full story

Battery Recycling Market to Reach $36Bn by 2028

7/7/23 – Power Engineering International

The battery recycling market has experienced substantial growth due to the rising government regulations concerning battery disposal and recycling. Policymakers have implemented various regulations to promote the efficient usage and proper disposal of battery waste materials. These regulations have played a crucial role in... Read full story

Innovation needed to meet Britain’s renewable energy targets

6/7/23 – Power Engineering International

Great Britain’s legal deadline for reducing greenhouse gas emissions to Net Zero is fast approaching: 2050 is less than three decades away. Successive governments have placed the power sector at the forefront of efforts to reduce emissions, setting ambitious targets to expand renewable electricity generation and phase out fossil fuel usage in the sector. Despite significant progress—total power sector emissions fell by… Read full story

REA publishes REMA report:

30/6/23 –

The REA (Association for Renewable Energy and Clean Technology) have launched their Review of Electricity Market Arrangements (REMA) Report; “Enabling a secure, flexible, and decarbonised electricity market fit for the future.” The report feeds into the Government’s ongoing REMA workstream that is looking to… Read full story

Innovation needed to meet Britain’s renewable energy targets

30/6/23 – Power Engineering International

Great Britain’s legal deadline for reducing greenhouse gas emissions to Net Zero is fast approaching: 2050 is less than three decades away. Successive governments have placed the power sector at the forefront of efforts to reduce emissions, setting ambitious targets to expand renewable electricity generation and phase out fossil fuel usage in the sector. Despite significant progress—total power sector emissions fell by… Read full story

Expert panel sessions explore use of AI in nuclear sector

30/6/23 – Office for Nuclear Regulation

The Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR), the Environment Agency and the Advanced Nuclear Skills and Innovation Campus (ANSIC) recently ran the latest in a series of expert panel meetings on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the nuclear sector. The meeting provided a progress update on the AI sandboxing pilot that ONR and… Read full story

Solid state battery innovation centre unveiled in Basque Country

21/6/23 – Industrial News

Solid state battery developer Basquevolt has unveiled its innovation centre with the promise to deliver 100% European solid state battery technology by the end of 2023. The research and development centre in the formerly named Epsilon Building – now Basquevolt Building – in the Alava Technology Park in the outskirts of the city of San Sebastian in northern Spain is focussed initially on… Read full story

Despite rising costs, solar is unstoppable – Global Market Outlook 2023-2027

16/6/23 – Balkan Green Energy News

In 2022 the world installed 239 GW of new solar, finally crossing the 1 TW threshold, with rooftop solar contributing with almost 40 GW, according to the Global Market Outlook for solar power 2023-2027. SolarPower Europe, which produced the report, said this was due to… Read full story

Centrica opens first UK solar farm

15/6/23 – Energy Global

Power generation is underway at Codford solar farm, the first newly-built solar farm owned and operated by Centrica, under the company’s plans to build out a portfolio of flexible energy assets. Construction began at the site in Wiltshire in April 2022, after the consent was acquired by Centrica Business Solutions in 2021. Made up of 33 000 panels, the project has a total capacity of… Read full story

Bristol space-based solar power project receives £353k funding boost

14/6/23 – University of Bristol

A team from the University of Bristol will play a pivotal role in the UK’s bid to develop space-based solar power – technology which has the potential toRead full story

GREEN DISPOSAL: What happens to LEVC’s TX batteries once they reach the end of their lives?

7/6/23 – Taxi Point

As the transition towards electric vehicles continues, one important question on many taxi drivers’ minds is what happens to the battery packs once they are no longer usable in a taxiRead full story

Starmer vows to stop oil and gas communities withering

6/6/23 – BBC News

Sir Keir Starmer has vowed to protect communities from “decimation” after being warned Labour’s policies would lead to job losses in oil and gas.Labour has pledged to ban… Read full story

UK energy industry ramps up cyber security investment, but critical gaps remain

6/6/23 – Energy Live News

Increased focus on cyber security investment in the UK’s energy industry is highlighted by a new survey. The polling by DNV reveals that nearly 59% of energy professionals plan to increase cyber security spending in 2023. The research shows that… Read full story

Solar to lead renewables in ‘shattering’ global records

6/6/23 – Solar Power Portal

In a report published today (1 June), the International Energy Agency (IEA) revealed that global renewable electricity capacity additions are set to rise by 107GW (the largest ever increase) to 440GW in 2023 with solar photovoltaics (PV) accounting forRead full story

Five reasons utilities should not own EV charging stations

6/6/23 – Industrial News

As the rush to vehicle electrification continues, a new report authored by Grid Strategies and Electric Advisors Consulting argues that Electric vehicle (EV) charging stations will better serve EV owners if… Read full story

MTC participating in EoLO – HUBS to bring circularity to end-of-life wind turbine blades

3/6/23 – The Engineer

Coventry-based MTC is one of three UK organisations taking part in EoLO-HUBS, a four-year project aiming to recover glass and carbon fibres from large wind turbine structures that have reached the end of their life. Dr Helen Elkington, who is leading the MTC laser team in the project, said… Read full story

Senior Managers’ Nuclear Security Briefing brings industry leaders together

31/5/23 – ONR

The Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) has held its latest security briefing event for senior managers from across the UK civil nuclear industry. The biannual gathering brings together… Read full story

Atkins and COVVI to collaborate on robotic hand for nuclear sector

31/5/23 – The Engineer

Atkins and COVVI, a Leeds headquartered prosthetic hand developer, are to develop a robotic solution that delivers near-human dexterity for use in nuclear… Read full story

Green light for 49.9MW English solar

30/5/23 –

The appeal for Aura Power’s Hawthorn Pit Solar Farm in Durham, England, has been allowed, thereby granting planning permission for the project. The decision from the Planning Inspectorate, in part, concludes… Read full story

Labour would block new oil projects in UK North Sea – Sunday Times

30/5/23 – Morning Star

New North Sea oil and gas developments will be blocked under a Labour government in the UK, according to a newspaper report. Labour leader Keir Starmer is on the verge of… Read full story

National Grid seeking supply chain partners for Great Grid Upgrade Partnership

30/5/23 – National Grid

National Grid is launching the Great Grid Upgrade Partnership, the opportunity for supply chain partners to help deliver The Great Grid Upgrade, the largest… Read full story

Siemens Gamesa launches 4MW onshore wind platform designed for US ‘challenges’

23/5/23 – Recharge News

European turbine OEM Siemens Gamesa is leveraging its US manufacturing footprint with the launch of its new onshore high-capacity factor turbine designed specifically for the American market. ​The new turbine, the… Read full story

UK could unlock £70bn a year in renewable energy, report claims

15/5/23 – Guardian

The UK could unlock £70bn every year by generating enough clean electricity to become a major exporter of energy to mainland Europe, according to a former government economist. A new report has found that by… Read full story

What are carbon-free fuels and why are they so popular?

7/5/23 – Jonathan Lee Recruitment

Carbon-free fuels are those that do not emit carbon dioxide (CO2) when burned. They are often referred to as “zero-emission” fuels and are an essential component of efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate climate change. Some examples of carbon-free fuels include:… Read full story

Government committee calls for end to onshore wind ban and claims UK will miss renewable energy targets

2/5/23 – New Civil Engineer

An all-party government committee has claimed the UK will miss its target of decarbonising the power sector by 2035 at its current pace. The Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee (BEIS) is also calling for… Read full story

EV Batteries and End-of-Life Solutions

1/5/23 – Jonathan Lee Recruitment

As the electric vehicle (EV) market continues to grow, there are more and more questions about EV batteries and the solutions in place for second-life applications.Lee Elwell, Associate Director – Energy, took a deep dive intoRead full story

British industry in push to make carbon capture a reality

25/4/23 –

The UK government has spent years pledging to develop a carbon capture and storage (CCS) sector and chivvied some of the world’s biggest energy companies to get involved, with the aim of cutting emissions and building an industrial economy for the 21st century. After almost 20 years of false starts, companies like BP finally believe there is… Read full story

Empowering Energy Recruitment

24/4/23 – Jonathan Lee Recruitment

UK energy targets to decarbonise, low commodity prices, the emergence of disruptive technology such as cloud and robotics combined with complex regulation and policy changes make it a challenging environment. The ever-changing landscape is pressuring industry to… Read full story

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