Contractor Insurance

The contract marketplace is a constantly evolving regulatory environment which presents ever changing risks and opportunities. At Jonathan Recruitment, we take our responsibilities for compliance, risk mitigation and the ongoing welfare of our contractors very seriously.

Now, more than ever before, contractors need to ensure that they, and their companies are fully protected against the risk of legal action or claim. In almost all circumstances, clients are stipulating that contractors must have suitable professional business insurance in place before commencing an assignment.

This is why Jonathan Lee have partnered with Kingsbridge Contractor Insurance; a leading independent broker providing specialised, comprehensive and compliant insurance cover to contractors providing services to the engineering sector.

Jonathan Lee requires contractors to have the following insurances in place;

  • Professional Indemnity insurance – to a value not less than £1,000,000
  • Public Liability insurance – to a value not less than £2,000,000
  • Employers Liability insurance – to a value not less than £5,000,000

Plus, any other industry-specific insurances as required.

For more information on about contractor insurance and Kingsbridge Contractor insurance click here. For more information on why contractors need insurances download our guidance sheet. 

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