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3 Cdse Blog Post
Accessing Innovative SMEs High on Ministry of Defence Customers’ Agenda

​Three Counties Defence & Security Expo 2019 16-17th July 2019Three Counties Showground, Malvern, WorcesterStand number 91SMEs have always played a crucial role in the defence supply chain. But...

Millennials   Riding The Wave
Millennials: The Generation Riding the wave of Uncertainty

​Further to our recent post that listed 8 strengths and motivators of millennials in the workplace, I want to dig that bit deeper to understand the why behind these traits. The rate of change in te...

Millennials In The Workplace
Millennials and Generation Z in the Workplace

The skills shortage is continuing to hit the headlines and technical advancements are transforming how we work. It is critical that employers consider how to maximise employee skills and potential....

Future Skills And The Workforce Of Tomorrow
Workforce Development In Five Steps (1)
Workforce Development in Five Steps

​nvesting in workforce development is fundamental for any business wanting to secure its future and remain competitive. As businesses develop and grow, having the right mix of skills, experience an...