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International Womens Day   Culture Equality And Diversity Critical To Innovation
Who runs the World? - Girls!

​Beyoncé may think that girls can run the world - her message of empowerment, that with work hard you can achieve your goals, is most relevant today as we celebrate International Women’s Day 2019(8...

Future Powertrain Conference
Driving the Future of Powertrain #FPC2019

​I am always eager to learn about the latest innovations in the powertrain industry and last week I was delighted to attend the Future Powertrain Conference (#FPC2019).The Future Powertrain Confere...

Workforce Development In Five Steps (1)
Workforce Development in Five Steps

​nvesting in workforce development is fundamental for any business wanting to secure its future and remain competitive. As businesses develop and grow, having the right mix of skills, experience an...