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Connected Technology And Smart Manufacturing Kevin Harris
Industry 4.0: Back to Basics

​Following my last blog where I considered some of the misconceptions surrounding Industry 4.0, I want to get 'back-to-basics' and look at what the component parts of Industry 4.0 actually are.With...

Industry 4
Industry 4.0: Removing the White Noise

​The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), Industry 4.0, the smart factory and smart manufacturing – terms we hear on a regular basis that are interchangeably used to describe the advent of disruptiv...

Millennials In The Workplace
Millennials and Generation Z in the Workplace

The skills shortage is continuing to hit the headlines and technical advancements are transforming how we work. It is critical that employers consider how to maximise employee skills and potential....

Future Skills And The Workforce Of Tomorrow
Shutterstock 551791498 Augmented Reality
Could Contracting Help Make Industry 4.0 a Reality?

​Industry 4.0 or the fourth industrial revolution (4IR), has dominated the headlines over the past few years, with businesses increasingly looking to adopt technology such as robotics and automatio...