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Introduction to contracting

Since the incorporation of Jonathan Lee Contracts Limited in 1994, the contractor landscape has changed dramatically in some ways and has remained fundamentally the same in others.

The demand in the UK and Europe for a flexible workforce continues to increase and the growth in contracting roles is now outpacing that seen in the permanent jobs category. For many, this has led to the conclusion that contracting is being embraced by hirers as “the new norm”.

Whilst the hirer is not saddled with the many legal and financial risks and responsibilities associated with employing someone on a permanent basis, the contractor enjoys the freedom, flexibility and variety offered by the contracting lifestyle.

Offering an Alternative to traditional employment

Whether the contractor is working through a Recruitment Agency, Umbrella Company or setting up their own Limited Company, getting started as a contractor is more straightforward today than it has ever been. There is an abundance of advice, guidance and support out there for anyone who is thinking of becoming a contractor. The ease with which it is now possible to get started has persuaded many to make the leap from traditional employment.

At Jonathan Lee Contracts Limited we supply thousands of contractors to industries within the engineering and manufacturing sectors. With hundreds of assignments and vacancies available we offer excellent opportunities for contractors, freelancers and interim managers operating in this buoyant marketplace.