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Key Features and Benefits

Be a part of our family

When you secure an assignment with us, ensuring that you feel part of the Jonathan Lee “family” forms an integral part of our business strategy, our customer service policy and our candidate charter. Our aim is to ensure that you get the support, advice and service you need to allow you to be able to focus your efforts and energies on meeting the tasks at hand and making your assignment the success you want it to be.

Industry sectors

We find hundreds of assignments for contractors, freelancers and interim managers every year in the engineering and manufacturing sectors, and make it our goal to provide the support that allows you to enjoy a lengthy, successful and rewarding career as an independent professional in the industry of your choice.

Flexibility and choice

Choose to start your own business and become a company director or work through an Umbrella Company and benefit from the financial tax efficiencies available for contractors, freelancers and interim managers.

We work with a small number of chosen partners, all of whom share the same passion and ethics when it comes to support and customer service. They ensure that you receive the best levels of advice and service to help you make the most of your assignment with the least amount of disruption.

Peace of mind

Legal compliance and risk are subjects close to our heart. As part of our standard protocol at Jonathan Lee Contracts Limited we have a robust contractual documentation process that clearly defines the relationships and responsibilities of all parties up and down the supply chain. We also operate a strict compliance audit process that protects all parties and meets the legal obligations and requirements of HMRC etc.

Your ability to focus on the requirements of your assignment and meet deliverables and targets without unnecessary distraction is a key priority for us. By managing compliance through our structured contractual documentation we can minimise risks to you and provide you with the peace of mind to get on with the job in hand.

Prompt payment

We are aware that regular and prompt payment is probably one of the most important things to you when working on assignment. We want you to be able to concentrate on your work safe in the knowledge that payment will arrive on time and without issue.

Our on-line automated timesheet system allows us to manage high volumes of timesheets in the most efficient manner possible. It is managed by our dedicated Purchase Ledger and Payroll team who run regular payment schedules ensuring that payments reach you as and when they should.