Why Register as an Interim with Jonathan Lee Interim Management?

At a time of global uncertainty and change, Interim Management is increasingly being used as a valuable business tool for overcoming a whole range of business issues.

The opportunities for professional Interim Management will undoubtedly increase on both a National and International basis with the advent of 4IR.

This will present unique opportunities for Interim candidates to expand their CVs and further develop their skills and experience across a variety of challenging interim assignments.

 What makes Jonathan Lee Interim Management unique as a Service Provider are the relationships we have with both our clients and our candidates. This allows us to make the perfect match – it’s our job to find you the ideal interim position, just as much as it’s our job to fill the position with the ideal candidate.

Having both the candidate and the client in mind guarantees an objective decision that will benefit both parties. By choosing the right interim roles for you, we can help to quickly enhance your career and boost your CV, therefore opening up future opportunities.


As a company, we have recently reviewed the level of insurance cover we require our Interim Managers to obtain prior to commencing an Interim Assignment for Jonathan Lee Interim Management. These are as follows:

Employers Liability Insurance not less than £5,000,000 

Public Liability insurance not less than £2,000,000

Professional Indemnity insurance not less than £1,000,000

If you do not have insurances in place, please contact our Insurance Partner, Kingsbridge, on 01242 808 740 or visit for a quotation. Please quote reference “Jonathan Lee“.

Limited Company or Umbrella?

If you are unsure about whether it is more appropriate for you to work through a limited company or under an umbrella company, please contact either of our accounting partners – Danbro (0800 731 3178 or Champion (0161 703 2549 for a confidential discussion. Please quote reference “Jonathan Lee”.                          

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