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Our Commitment to ethical recruitment

Ethical Recruitment

Jonathan Lee Contracts (International) is founded on the core values of the group and is committed to delivering the highest standard of ethical and fair recruitment practices.

Ensuring that recruitment is delivered ethically throughout the GCC and in other international markets is increasingly important for both local companies and multinational corporations, particularly in light of the recent spotlight on worker conditions and treatment in the media.

Our new team in Kabul, Afghanistan - May 2016

At Jonathan Lee Contracts (International), we know that there is a way to be commercially viable whilst maintaining the highest standards of care to the workers on a project.  All of our sourcing and staffing solutions are built on strong ethics, with fair treatment for all of our workers whilst delivering the most appropriate and cost-effective services to our clients.  We support the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact on human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption and have signed up to the initiative, which requires us to report on practices every 2 years.

We start from a position of building fair treatment and ethical processes into all aspects of our service delivery, basing the core of our solutions IHRB’s Dhaka Principles  that brings a number of major benefits to clients:

  1. Workers are recruited with no fees paid which gives us access to the best possible skills in the market
  2. Staff are managed ethically in country – good accommodation, food and transport, paid on time and given facilities so they can enjoy their downtime encouraging higher productivity and retention
  3. By recruiting a better quality of staff, companies can deliver a project with less numbers than they would expect, reducing supplementary costs and therefore reducing the overall HR spend significantly
  4. Avoids corruption and supports legal compliance and best practice for our end-clients

Interested in testing our claims?  Contact us today for a free no-obligation consultation on how you can improve your processes, meet your ethical obligations and save money.