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When work ends and the fun begins. Anyone for netball?

Posted by: Mark Jones 2 Dec 15 - 11:57AM  | Recruitment


Once again consultants and managers including our esteemed Chairman, from Jonathan Lee Recruitment donned their sports attire to partake in some after-work fun and raise money for charity.
With two teams of seven plus a couple of subs, Stourbridge leisure centre sports hall was alive with tension.  After some interesting stretching and even an attempt at warming up with some basic ball skills and shooting practice, the contest was underway!

There was some confusion as play commenced (where do I stand; which way am I going; can I dribble with the ball?) and the opening quarter was awash with foot faults, off-sides, fouls and dangerous play among the early infractions.  Our volunteer referee nearly wore out her whistle!   Amongst the chaos, the green team took the lead with two goals.

With Gareth coming to terms with not being able to carry the ball to the “try line”, and Dan dwelling on his earlier fouls, the second quarter began.  Lee was flying (not always in the right direction) but Pete, Rachel, Grant and Mark were defending and shooting stoically.

Half time, and the Greens were ahead 4 goals to 1– was it destined to be a whitewash?

The second half saw a strong return by the Yellows.  Jonathan was running rings around the opposition in the centre of the court, and the Centres and Wing Attacks for both sides were causing havoc.  And then things got a bit tasty with a few choice collisions in a non-contact sport.  Not that we’re saying anyone was to blame but all incidents did seem to involve Grant…

With 10 minutes to go, the greens were ahead by 5 goals to 2 and it seemed finally that both teams had finally grasped the rules!  Great efforts by Sandy, Jessica, Laura and Sian and Nick (Go Girls!)  made the final quarter one to remember.  The final score 7:2 to the Greens.

Well done to both teams for a great game and raising £45 for charity which will be added to the funds raised by our upcoming Festive Jumper day and Christmas raffle and donated to a local cause.

The Teams

Yellow Team            

Jonathan Lee, Gareth Simpson, Mark Bignell, Oliver Smith, Sian Massey, Sandy Uppal, Dan Plimmer, Laura Hierons.           

Green Team

Matthew Heath, Lee Elwell, Pete Heap, Nick Jones, Rachel Shilton,  Lois Weston, Jessica Williams, Grant Nisbet.

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