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What can you do with Lego?

Posted by: Tom Webb-Skinner 5 Apr 13 - 10:32AM  | Engineering

We all know that YouTube is good for killing a few spare minutes (or hours) if you've nothing much better to do.

We all love nothing more than seeing a video of a funny mishap or a cute dog. But sometimes there's something amazing to be seen too!

I came across a couple of great Lego inventions:

Take this, a 3D Milling Machine made (almost) entirely out of Lego!

I say 'almost', you'll notice the drill isn't Lego - that would be an achievement - but the rest truly is, it's pretty remarkable.

Then, you have a slightly more old-fashioned device in the form of a Lego loom!

I still think this is impressive because whilst the Milling Machine is unarguably clever, the Loom has to mix the hard plastic breaks with soft thread and still work!

This really does go to show what you can do when you set your mind to it and just how clever an engineer can be! Since I mentioned the occasional cute animal it would seem fitting to include one. Here's 'What happens when engineers own dogs'...

All these videos have been featured on the Jonathan Lee Recruitment LinkedIn company page. Follow us for these and more!

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Brilliant! I need that ball flinger for my mutt. I read on the Beeb that someone measured how tall a tower you could theoretically build with a solid Lego construction. Its some insane amount. Over a Km high.
Posted by: Ken, Date 11 April 2013, 11:01 AM
I saw that! It was 3.5km I think!
Posted by: Tom, Date 11 April 2013, 11:46 AM
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