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Welcoming the new Jaguar XE

5 Sep 14 - 9:17AM  | Automotive

Jaguar Land Rover Jaguar XE Jonathan Lee Recruitment

September 8th marks the official reveal date of the new and much anticipated Jaguar XE. In what Jaguar describe as ‘the most advanced, efficient and refined luxury sports saloon car that Jaguar has ever made’, the model encapsulates a new generation of premier Ingenium engine, state-of-the-art advanced aluminium architecture, as well as the latest in-car technology to offer an unbeatable driving performance and experience.

The four-door compact sports saloon is powered by a new range of efficient yet powerful petrol and diesel four-cylinder Ingenium engines. The Jaguar XE range boasts a choice of engine capacities and outputs. All promise to deliver an inspirational, powerful performance with top speeds of up to 186mph in addition to the latest technology in fuel efficiency with CO2 emissions of less than 100g/km. Furthermore, the Jaguar XE possesses a highly flexible engine architecture, thus the engine can be configured either inline or transverse for all wheel drive and rear wheel drive configurations.

The engine is complimented fully by an aluminium-intensive monocoque chassis, the only car in its class to adopt this material, with 75% of the structure composed of lightweight aluminium. The advanced aluminium architecture possesses the lightness and stiffness associated with aluminium for unbeatable performance, handling and refinement.

To enhance the driving experience further Jaguar has integrated a number of driver aids including an InControl Multimedia System. The system, which is designed around an eight-inch touch screen monitor, is voice controlled and aims to make journeys relaxing, safer and effortless offering facilities such as conference calling and finding a parking space.

Smartphone devices will also have remote access via inbuilt Wi-Fi allowing multiple devices to connect with the vehicle and the InControl App. The app allows easy control of many vehicle functions, for example setting climate control and even starting the engine. Also, in an industry first, the Jaguar XE features a Head Up display where high contrast colour images are projected onto the windscreen including displaying speed and navigation instructions.

The car has been designed and built in the UK and is the first Jaguar model to be released from the company’s plant in Solihull. Global rollout of the model will begin from mid-2015.

“The Jaguar XE promises everything associated with the Jaguar brand: setting the benchmark for its class and pushing technological innovations” says Tony Street at Jonathan Lee Recruitment. “It gives Jaguar a presence in the highly competitive saloon car sector and promises many benefits for the end user in terms of performance, driveability and economy. It will provide welcome volume sales on the Jaguar side of the business. Customers will love it”.

What do you think about the new Jaguar XE? Please post your comments below.

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