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Watch ‘Retaining Talent in a Competitive Job Market’ presentation from #MIMExpo15

Posted by: Katherine Garratt 18 May 15 - 11:13AM  | Engineering
Made in the MidalndsWe had a great day at Made in the Midlands Exhibition last week. It was an absolute pleasure for our team members to speak with visitors and network with fellow Made in the Midland Members.

As patrons and Made in the Midlands preferred recruitment partner for manufacturing and engineering companies, we were able to share our expertise on the subject of talent management as part of the exhibition’s seminar programme.

Henry Noteman, Associate Director of Jonathan Lee Talent Management, presented: ‘Retaining Talent in a Competitive Job Market’.  His presentation covered changes in the UK job market, why people leave organisations and what can be done to minimise it.

The presentation was warmly received, providing an excellent introduction to tackling the skills shortage - not only by looking for new, skilled individuals but by effectively managing a business’s own internal work force through talent management and retention.

Don’t worry if you missed the presentation, it is available to view via our YouTube channel, see the video below. The presentation slides are also available to download:

   Talent Management presentation slides - Made in the Midlands Exhibition - May 2015

SMEs and Talent Management - Key facts

To leave you with some thought provoking facts regarding talent management, in a recent report by, it was found that employees in smaller organisations rate their employers higher. The findings support our recent blog regarding us exhibiting at Made in the Midlands Exhibition and the exciting career paths available with SMEs.

Key findings were of the report were:

● Smaller organisations are better at attracting the right people and performance managing them, for example through learning and development opportunities and fair promotions.

● Reward is always a low-scoring area, but small organisations still perform better than larger.

● Job security is surprisingly higher in a smaller organisation, contrary to expectation. For example, employees at one organisation (20 people), agreed to a pay cut to help the business out at a difficult time, rather than lose staff.

Great_Workplaces_Special_Report_2015 - talent management infograph
Percentages are Trust Index© scores

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