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The Rise of the Interim

Posted by: Katherine Garratt 20 Nov 14 - 1:28PM  | Recruitment
Simon Roberts - Jonathan Lee Interim ManagementAs recently published on HR Grapevine, Jonathan Lee Interim Management's Associate Director, Simon Roberts comments regarding the surge of interim management positions:

As the manufacturing and engineering sectors continue to grow, the UK has seen a significant increase in the use of interim managers to help overcome a range of short term issues across the manufacturing community. The demand for operations directors to work for businesses which are looking to streamline systems and processes has also rocketed, in order to improve throughput efficiency and OTIF delivery.

Simon Roberts, who heads up Jonathan Lee Interim Management, says: “The resurgence of manufacturing in the UK, on-shoring initiatives and increased consumer demand have created an exciting environment for professional interim managers. This is particularly the case within the SME sector, which needs to tap into expertise at short notice for short durations.”

Roberts adds: “UK manufacturing has a vast number of well-trained and developed senior managers. The present stock of professional interim managers within manufacturing have lived and worked through a huge manufacturing transformation that has taken place in the UK and the introduction of Japanese transplants including Toyota, Nissan and Honda has undoubtedly had an impact in improving productivity and quality. When you combine the practical experience of working in these lean environments and the high level of postgraduate training available in the UK, you can see why we currently have a real wealth of interim and senior management talent.”

As businesses grow, they will undoubtedly experience times when they need to tap into specialist skills or even overcome a short term management problem. Jonathan Lee Recruitment is no exception; the recruitment firm, which specialises in filling manufacturing-based roles, has used the services of interim managers in several key areas such as human resources, IT and project management to name but a few.

“The real beauty of working with interim managers is their availability to tackle short term problems with real expertise, hit the ground running from day one, get the job done and then exit the business,” says Roberts. “Successful interims understand reputation is everything and their future success depends on them doing a good job.”

Hiring an interim manager is a good short term, cost-effective solution for any business looking to implement a change and overcome a short term problem. Jonathan Lee Interim Management has a well-defined process that can help your business select and secure the services of a professional Interim Manager at short notice. Having worked within the manufacturing and engineering arena for more than 35 years, Jonathan Lee Recruitment has unparalleled access to a wide pool of professional interim managers across all disciplines in the UK.

If you would like to discuss your interim requirements or how Jonathan Lee Interim Management can help your business, then please contact Simon Roberts (01384 446113) or Henry Noteman (01384 446101)
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