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Spotify... in your car?

Posted by: Mark Bignell 25 Feb 13 - 10:19AM  | Automotive

I saw a great article today on Wired Magazine online about the next development in in-car entertainment - take a look here.

"Spotify is coming to the Fiesta. And the Mustang. And every Ford with a Sync AppLink infotainment system, marking the first time the popular music-streaming service has been baked into a car. The subscription service will be available in every Applink-equipped Ford when it launches in the United States next month, while Europe gets its own version later this year. In addition to having access to Spotify’s catalog of over 20 million songs, drivers will be able to access their music library, shared playlists, genre and radio stations, all through the Sync head-unit or using voice controls."

I've used Spotify and I think it's great that something like this is available to use at such ease right from your car. Whilst this isn't the single most important development there has ever been, I think it is definitely indicative of just how embaracing of new technologies the automotive industry is.

What's next?!

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