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Sertec appoint Integrate as master vendor for permanent recruitment

Posted by: Jayne Wogan 27 Feb 13 - 10:59AM  | Recruitment
Automotive Tier 1 Sertec Group Holdings is the latest in a growing list of high profile clients to use Integrate, Jonathan Lee’s managed service brand, as the master vendor for permanent recruitment. The managed service will help Sertec to attract and retain high calibre staff in a competitive market while matching recruitment capacity to the increase in business demand.

“This is a complete managed service for the recruitment of permanent staff with a range of highly sought after and specialist manufacturing and engineering skills,” said Jayne Wogan, Head of Integrate Managed Services. “By tailoring our processes and services to meet Sertec’s specific challenges, we are helping them to manage their ongoing staffing needs efficiently while freeing the in-house HR team to focus on strategic activities that drive the business forward.”

Sertec are world leaders in a range of steel and aluminium manipulation and assembly processes. Their capacities include transfer and progression presswork, tube manipulation, wire forming, deep drawing, welded and self-piercing riveted components.

Established for 50 years, Sertec are undergoing a period of rapid growth within the UK, Europe and China, and finding people with the right experience and skill, as well as cultural fit within their dynamic and forward thinking business is a challenge which Integrate is helping to address.

Racheal Jessop, Group Human Resources Director of Sertec said “Integrate allows us to focus all of our resources on primary business functions whilst ensuring our reach and appeal to the candidate market is maintained and enhanced.” Racheal goes on to say, “We will benefit from a cost-effective recruitment service which is able to be scaled as required to satisfy the varying demands of our business.”

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