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Responsible Recruitment Briefing, IHRB London

Posted by: Jayne Wogan 1 Jul 16 - 2:02PM  | Recruitment

Furthering our commitment to ethical recruitment, Adrian Mansfield, Associate Director of Jonathan Lee Contracts (International) attended the Business Briefing on Responsible Recruitment on 28th June 2016, organised by the Institute for Human Rights and Business (IHRB) and Verité in London.

“Migrant workers are a ubiquitous feature of the global economy and the ILO estimates that there are 150 million migrants in the global workforce.  Nevertheless, these workers – and in particular low income migrants – are often among the most vulnerable to exploitation and human rights abuses” says the IHRB.

With a focus on responsible recruitment and treatment of workers, based on The Employer Pays Principle, the event attendance was excellent and varied, with representatives from major global businesses such as IKEA and Marks & Spencer, NGOs such as the UN and OXFAM and a range of other ethical support companies coming together to debate and discuss best practice methods for dealing with recruitment of migrant labour both in the UK and in global supply chains.

Adrian commented “The discussions were open and honest, sharing both the challenges and successes faced by the range of businesses represented.  We were able to contribute to the discussion, sharing the methodology and processes that Jonathan Lee Contracts (International) adopted in delivering over 3000 staff ethically for major projects in Asia and Middle East.”

After sharing best practice on methodologies, the focus shifted to best practice in assessing risk in labour supply chains and establishing protection mechanisms for migrant workers. 

Adrian continued, “Supply chains are increasingly global and the challenges of cultural and geographical factors on recruitment delivery whilst managing and protecting your brand cannot be underestimated.  Working with suppliers and partners with a serious commitment to ethical practices is crucial, as are robust due diligence processes and policy reforms.”

“The overriding consensus was that migrant labour is and will continue to be crucial to global supply chains.  As business leaders, we are all responsible for putting the ethical treatment of workers at the heart of our strategy.”

To find out more about our commitment to ethical recruitment of migrant workers, please CLICK HERE

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