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Red Nose Day fun!

Posted by: Katherine Garratt 27 Mar 17 - 4:38PM  | Recruitment
As part of the company’s charity diary, Jonathan Lee team members have taken part in several fundraising activities in support of Red Nose Day for Comic Relief. 

Red Nose Day

Last weeks dress down day and bake sale proved to be as popular as ever with generous donations contributing towards the cause. A special mention must go to Theresa and Steph for their delicious bakes, which went like hot cakes (no pun intended!). Our waistlines are definitely feeling the effects!

There were also some sneaky tactics in our ‘How long does it take to change a lightbulb’ sweepstake. An activity that was organised by Red Nose Day entailing comedian, Josh Widdicombe, being challenged to screw a lightbulb into a lamp… The catch? He had to assemble the lamp first. With no instructions…

The sweepstake entries definitely doubted his capability with predictions including ‘2 hours 10 minutes’ to ‘can’t do it’. There were also a few highly tactical gazumping antics, with some entries being just a few seconds higher or lower than previous predictions to increase their chances of winning the competition!

In the end, the closest winning guess came from Jess; her prediction of 3 minutes was closest to the actual time; 3 minutes 9 seconds. Jess was utterly chuffed with her win, declaring “I never win anything”!

Thanks to the management team for organising the day’s events and to everyone that took part and donated to such a worthy cause.

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