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Picture not so perfect?

Posted by: Tom Webb-Skinner 15 Apr 13 - 9:38AM  | Recruitment

How much thought do you put into your CV? 

Do you include a photo? You may not want to!

I don’t just mean the basics by the way; yes – consider what you say about each job you’ve had. But what else?

Today I read an article about a piece of research that has been conducted that shows what some of the real deciding factors are for most people viewing your CV.

Including a photo – it’s not a good idea, generally you’re less likely to be offered an interview if you do… and even less likely if you’re an attractive woman!
Messy handwriting – it’s not often that you have to submit handwritten work and, if you are, it’s probably going to be after an interview but keep in mind that if it looks bad, they may think bad of you too!
Piercings and tattoos – even if you get to an interview this could hinder your chances! It doesn’t mean a lot about you as a person, of course, but this is something else that could be frowned on.

And once you’re in the job?

The same study found that people who install a new Internet browser on their computer such as Firefox or Chrome will stay in their job for 15% longer.

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