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Posted by: Katherine Garratt 31 May 17 - 11:35AM  | Recruitment
Movers and shakers - interim management recruitment

Interim professionals can make a significant business impact, but finding the right interim manager is key to this success. It is essential therefore that there is real clarity around what a business wants to achieve by taking on an interim manager. In some cases this need is clear cut, such as appointing a direct stand-in for an absence caused by illness.

However, in many cases taking on an interim manager presents an opportunity to engage with an industry professional who can apply extensive senior management experience and a greater breadth of industry knowledge . Setting objectives and goals from the outset is important, but be prepared to change and be flexible. Interim managers are adept at unearthing the root cause of problems and these may need to be addressed if the original plan is to succeed.

A good example is demonstrated in a recent Interim placement with an established, family run business who perceived they had a major problem with manufacturing and production. Placing an Interim Operations Director within the business, the interim quickly established that the root of the problem was poor quality information being released to the manufacturing teams.

This resulted in ineffective planning and scheduling; incomplete Bills of Materials (BOMs) were being released resulting in material shortages and the wrong parts being ordered. The impact of this was increased cost and late delivery. When the interim manager explained this to the Board, the focus of the assignment was changed with the new remit to implement a more stringent sales, contract and customer management process.

The positive impact across the business was dramatic and the changes formed the basis of a company-wide transformation project. The improvement and gains brought about by better communication and breaking down departmental silos lead to an increase in product throughput, reduced cost and greatly improved quality and on-time delivery.

The company was eventually sold to an international business who have engaged the same interim manager on several occasions to complete similar exercises within their new acquisitions.

Interim managers, with their breadth of management and technology experience, are helping manufacturing businesses rise to the challenge of competing in a global market place. These movers and shakers are increasingly bringing their knowledge and experience to bear within the SME sector.

Often seen as the backbone of UK manufacturing, SMEs are increasingly having to consider new enabling technology and look for advice on what and where they should invest. Developing these technology road maps can be daunting, but working with an interim manager allows a company to employ a specialist resource when it is most needed to help define business strategy, giving independent advice and then delivering the management and implementation of the plan.

In ever changing, challenging and uncertain times, the ability to secure the right resource when you need it most is essential. Jonathan Lee Interim Management continues to meet the needs of its clients by providing high calibre interim managers across the engineering, manufacturing and technology sectors.

To find out more, get in touch with Simon Roberts, Associate Director at Jonathan Lee Interim Management.

01384 446113
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