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Let’s talk cake #coffeemorning #jonleelife

Posted by: Katherine Garratt 29 Sep 17 - 2:23PM  | Recruitment

It’s a good time to talk about cake.

There aren’t many things better in life than cake, except for cake that is for a great cause.

Did you know, that for all cake consumed on a charitable basis, the fewer calories it contains? That’s a completely true alternative recruitment fact. You’re welcome.

With that in mind, today our team of elite chefs put on their baking hats to sift flour like they’ve never sifted before and take part in the World's Biggest Coffee Morning, raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support.

As always, the team did not fail to impress with some delicious signature bakes, avoiding soggy bottoms and technical challenge failures!

Our Board of expert cake testers had the privilege of crowning one person overall cake champion - a greater kudos than even the GBBO can provide.

On arrival into the room of cake, our esteemed cake judge and MD, David Hale, was uncharacteristically lost for words.

“Isn’t it fantastic that people have taken so much trouble to do all of this baking?” Having admitted to eating a lot of cake in his time, he has huge admiration for anyone who is able to create such delicious looking creations.

It was a tough call to make, with all of the cakes on display looking worthy of a first-place prize. Intrigued by the ‘rainbow layer cake’ we cut it open to reveal a splendid structure within; layers of sponge all different colours and smelling delicious.

“It looked quite simple from the outside – it isn’t until you cut it open that you reveal its true qualities” said David. (There’s a lesson for life, right there everyone). “This one must be the winner”.

And so there we have it. Our first place baker, Steph Willets claimed the esteemed ‘best baker’ badge.

Theresa Durham also received the ‘Paul Hollywood handshake’ equivalent for her visually appealing white chocolate and strawberry cake.

“It’s wonderful that people take the time and effort to get together for these events” said David. And we wholeheartedly agree.

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