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Just-Auto Q&A: What if the UK left the EU?

Posted by: Tom Webb-Skinner 11 Feb 14 - 9:50AM  | Automotive

You don't need to have your head buried in newspapers every day to get some idea about the strong and often mixed feelings about the UK's place in the EU. Specifically, what would be the outcome if we decided to leave the EU?

There are clearly a lot of different considerations to make about the pros and cons of EU membership, many of which are emotive issues for a lot of people. Head of Recruitment Operations at Jonathan Lee Recruitment, Jon Blaze, was recently quizzed by about what impact us leaving the EU would have on the automotive industry.
"The UK has a very strong automotive industry at the moment, with major manufacturing plants for Nissan, BMW, Jaguar Land Rover, Toyota and many more being present, as well as several major international suppliers. The problem for OEMs is that import and export duties outside of a free market area are prohibitive" said Jon. 

But what of the impact on the rest of the EU? Adding a very important point, he said "industries that are already located in the EU would suffer from reduced access to the talented engineers that the UK produces."

Do you have an opinion? You can read the full article here.

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