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Investing in the quiet green?

Posted by: Jon Rance 19 Mar 13 - 9:49AM  | Aerospace

£2bn to the UK aero industry

Yesterday, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg announced a £2bn investment strategy for the UK aerospace industry. 

The BBC said,  "Some 115,000 jobs will be secured as the funding, over a seven-year period, is provided by the government and the aerospace industry.

An institute will be created with the money to develop aircraft that are quieter and more energy-efficient."

Where's this going?

Nick Clegg says; "The UK's best technical experts can ensure we remain the world's preferred supplier and continue to build and design the planes of the future - lighter, quieter, faster and more fuel-efficient."

So this is in the name of environmentally friendly aircraft? One can hardly argue that, for its own sake, quieter and certainly more fuel-efficient anything would be a bad idea. If nothing else, that just makes good sense and isn't a political point at all.

But is this green desire the reason fo this investment?

In short? No.

The Financial Times reports Aerospace Minister Michael Fallon as saying;  "For many years, Britain secured about a 20 per cent share of the work on Airbus jets, but this has declined to 15 per cent on the A350, the Toulouse-based manufacturer’s planned new widebody aircraft.

“We can drive up the value of what we contribute to Airbus,” said Mr Fallon, after outlining government plans to spend £1bn over seven years on the aerospace institute. The industry will also contribute £1bn.

Of course this gap may be filled by greener technology, but it wasn't directly caused by it in the first instance - but of course, this just conjecture - whatever works... works! Anything that will boost the internationally renowned British Aerospace industry is a good thing. We are home to some of the finest engineers working at some of the finest companies and it is only right that we contribute as much as possible to the global aerospace market.

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