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Interim Managers – More Cost Effective Than You May Think.

Posted by: Mark Jones 12 May 16 - 2:02PM  | Recruitment

Jonathan Lee Interim managementMany SMEs may dismiss the use of Interim Managers because they are under the misapprehension that they cannot afford them.  However, in reality, the cost of engaging an Interim Manager could end up being less than hiring a permanent member of staff for a specific project.

Here, at Jonathan Lee Recruitment, we have taken our own advice and have made the most of the skills of Interim Managers with excellent, cost effective results.  We have used interim solutions to cover tasks in HR, Training, Project Management and Information Technology disciplines.

Directly comparing an interim day rate with a permanent salary requires more thana simple like-for-like calculation.  Experience shows us that the actual cost of direct employment adds around two thirds on top of basic pay.  For example, if an executive is earning £100,000 per annum, the employer will incur additional costs for national insurance, car allowance, bonus, medical, pension and other benefits, as well as any unplanned costs such as for sickness, jury service, training etc. 

When engaging with a professional Interim Manager, the sundry costs disappear as you are paying for the skills and experience of the individual.  You can expect a real impact on your business with almost immediate effect.  In fact, paying the right rate for the right individual can mean that projects are delivered in shorter time frames and more efficiently, therefore ultimately saving your business money.

In many cases Interims leave the business with a lasting legacy, with staff that have learnt from an expert.

CLICK HERE to download our Interim Management brochure

If you would like to discuss how an Interim Manager could benefit your own organisation, please contact our Interim Management Team on 01384 446 120.

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