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How To Recruit A Winner

Posted by: Sally Fallon 30 Aug 12 - 5:51PM  | Automotive
Paul Branton, Managing Consultant at Jonathan Lee Recruitment was recently interviewed by Aftermarket Car Magazine for a piece entitled “How to recruit a winner”.

Amongst other interesting points, Paul had this to say: Some people are open to bringing people in from other industries, and they’re having success when doing that.

Others don’t want to, and that’s fine too, but across the whole automotive industry it’s surprising how many companies think there are a load of people available, and there just isn’t.

Finding the right candidate might not be as simple as you think, but Branton has an interesting suggestion for factors looking for staff, “If you think about the Army, Navy and the RAF they all have a well-trained logistics corp. They might not have qualifications, but they have the right skills.”
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