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Growth of the UK aerospace and defence industry

Posted by: Mark Jones 21 May 15 - 3:12PM  | Aerospace
Aerospace Recruitment

UK Aerospace Industry plays an important part in the global market.

The UK has the largest national aerospace sector in Europe and is second only to the USA worldwide, making up 17% of the global market. Employing over 230,000 both directly and indirectly, it is responsible for the design, construction and delivery of some of the most complex aero structures, aircraft systems and aircraft components. From engines to aerodynamic wings and landing gear, the UK is a global player in advanced exports. The reputation for quality is formidable: the UK is one of the very few countries that designs and manufactures advanced helicopters, confirming the country’s status as a leading force in aerospace engineering.

Aerospace Industry set for a healthy growth.

The government investment comes at a time of exceptional growth for the sector, expected to average 7% over the next few years. The need for 27,000 new passenger aircraft and 40,000 commercial helicopters by 2030 is creating a huge demand for skilled engineers. The progress of aviation in Asia alone will create over 20,000 high-value jobs in the UK.

Jobs for the future.

Aerospace is about to take off in a big way thanks to a combination of rapid growth, persistent innovation and the pressure of finding greener, fuel-efficient technology. So what might future aerospace jobs involve?  With so much growth and growing demand for a skilled engineering workforce the future jobs market will have areas that will rapidly see an increase in the need for Aerospace Engineering Education in diverse fields such as Craft to Craft communication, System software and data handling.

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