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Fun netball fundraiser is a winner!

Posted by: Katherine Garratt 20 Mar 17 - 11:45AM  | Recruitment
Last week, Jonathan Lee team members continued in its time honoured tradition of partaking in a charity fundraising netball match in aid of Mary Stevens Hospice, Stourbridge. The game was fast, confusing, occasionally aggressive and utterly exhausting!

Charity fundraising netball match at Jonathan Lee Recrutiment
Left to right: Sandy Uppal, Jonathan Lee, Kate Barnard, Mark Bignell, Lois Weston, Olly Smith, Matt Heath, Gareth Simpson, Grant Nisbet, Nick Jones, Katherine Garratt, Jess Williams, Toby Cieslik.
Our noble players on this occasion met on Tuesday night with a slight nervousness in the air. With Lois and Matt taking turns at refereeing during the 4 x 10 minute quarters, the two teams began, asking the usual questions: Where do we start? Where can I go? How many steps can I take? And of course, when is the pub open?

Due to the reduced numbers (there are normally 7 per team), we opted to play with relaxed and simpler rules causing frustration amongst some players (or more specifically, Katherine) who was more accustomed to playing under the ‘official’ rule book.

The first quarter started and by the end of this period the score was 3 – 0 to the Yellows. Fortunately at this point, the ladies were playing reasonably gently (phew) but there was a definite and visible increase in pace and determination as the game progressed.

The second quarter saw a ‘step-change’ by the Greens and soon the scores were tied. It was then that the first injury was regretfully received. Poor Jessica received a ball to the nose – OUCH! With small stars circling her head and everyone saying it wasn’t me, Jessica gamely carried on.

At half time, the teams took stock and changed some of their player positions. The third quarter started and it should be noted that the gent’s height advantage began to shine through. Especially Toby, Nick and Olly who were becoming very focused and determined!

The scoring began to pick up pace and then the second injury occurred. Poor Sandeep received a shoulder barge from Mark. Although she was just about able to stand, it hurt! Mark apologised, and Sandy carried on.
The scores were almost reaching double figures as the fourth quarter commenced. There was fluid passing with Gareth and Grant reintroducing their rugby style passing and trick shots abound; through the legs, under the arms, around the waist and of course the ‘high ones’. The scoring was also becoming more and more accurate.

The final score was 11 – 10 to the Greens! Well done Greens.

A big thanks goes out to Jonathan Lee Recruitment Management team for covering the cost of the hall and to those who participated and raised £65 for Mary Steven’s Hospice!

Thanks also to Steph for being our supporter and sports photographer extraordinaire.

We can’t wait for the next game!
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