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Free recruitment v through life costs

Posted by: Mark Jones 26 May 16 - 5:01PM  | Recruitment

Adrian Mansfield, Associate Director Jonathan Lee International Contracts, explains the far reaching benefits of recruiting ethically when dealing with contract employment on an international basis.

Imagine for a moment that we are in a coffee shop discussing a new car you have just purchased.  The car was a significant expense for you and represents a lot of hard work, extra hours and the sacrifice of those little luxuries in favour of saving up.   It’s your dream car, your pride and joy – as all of those photos you’ve posted on social media prove….

Now imagine I offer to give you some tyres and some fuel for your new car completely free of charge.   They would not be the best quality or brand, the tyres are worn and narrow, the fuel is low grade and might affect your engine’s performance but then again, they’re free!

I am sure having invested so much in your purchase, you would politely decline my offer preferring instead to pay for items that would offer better quality, last longer and would present no risk of damage to your dream-machine.  Any sensible person would make the same choice…

But this is exactly what is happening today amongst many Programme Managers and senior staff of major construction and infrastructure companies when hiring a workforce for overseas projects.

These senior managers and their teams have been through exhaustive bid processes, often working night and day to secure the next big project and they’ve done it at last, updating their LinkedIn profiles to highlight the success and encouraging their marketing teams to get the word out via social media.  They are just as proud of the project win as you might be of your new car, and rightly so.

All too often though, when it comes to staffing the projects, these managers are lured by the offer of “free recruitment”.    Any project anywhere in the world runs on the quality of the staff who deliver it – so why when they are offered a recruitment solution for nothing, with lower skills (dodgy tyres) or uncommitted workers (low-grade fuel) do so many companies accept?

Hiring the wrong people can affect your productivity, reputation with customers and ability to deliver your hard-won project.   This will in time end up costing you far more than you will ever save by way of taking the free solution on offer.

More worryingly, when it comes to staffing, a solution that is free to you is often being paid for by the workers themselves, leaving them open to unscrupulous agencies and employers who demand payment up front in order to process their job applications, subject them to sub-standard living conditions and effectively leave them with no other choice.  If you want to work, you have to pay.

I believe there is a better way.  You wouldn’t ruin your new car for the sake of some free fuel so why would you risk your project in the same way?

Next time you need to call on those resources for your new project take a moment and think – If it seems too good to be true, it almost certainly is….

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