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Engineering is amazing!

Posted by: David Powers 17 Apr 13 - 11:16AM  | Engineering

I think that, all too often, the role of an engineer is overlooked. If you think about it, this isn't a bad thing at all because not thinking about who built something well-engineered be it a car, building, bridge or a microscopic electrical component is probably testament to the fact that it works! We overlook engineers because of the job they do and not in spite of it.

With that in mind I wanted to take the opportunity to look at some of the less mundane, day-to-day feats of engineering and appreciate the work that some marvelous engineers have done.

The American Society of Civil Engineers recently held a canoe race. Big deal you're thinking? Well yes; the canoes were made from concrete!

"Part of the competition is to create the lightest craft possible, said Ken Rainwater, director, Water Resources Center at Texas Tech University and adviser for the American Society of Civil Engineers committee for student members. Another aspect of the canoe design is to create a boat that will not turn over easily or sink if it’s swamped."

Or take a look at the group of people who are restoring a train built in 1933, the Princess Elizabeth.

"Known for its maroon and black paintwork, the Princess Elizabeth became famous after breaking a passenger train record in 1936: a non-stop run of 401 miles from Glasgow to London Euston in five hours and 44 minutes, at an average speed of 70mph.

But Princess Elizabeth is in urgent need of £50,000 of repairs as its boiler certificate has expired. Now the society, which is volunteer-run, is appealing for financial donations to help get the locomotive back on track."

And finally, and this really is so amazing I shall make no comment on it, a robot that flies like a bird!


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Science : Lots of men and women, few one under the lights ... sometimes they deserve it and sometimes not ... dwarfs on giant' shoulders but more certainly : Men on other men's shoulders, help by other men to climb : that may be source of the beauty of the technology we all live in. We all work together English, French, German, Chinese, Japanese to ensure future life upon our boat.
Posted by: Morant, Date 16 June 2013, 07:55 PM
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