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Posted by: Sally Fallon 6 Dec 13 - 9:54AM  | Recruitment

Five ways to catch a game changer

A survey of over 200,000 undergraduate engineering students across all disciplines from around the world asked which companies they would most like to work for. It may come as little surprise that the top names were the who’s-who of innovative top brands: Google, Microsoft, IBMApple and BMW. These companies share some simple techniques for giving potential recruits a positive image of their operations, and according to Jonathan Lee Recruitment, SMEs can follow the same rules to boost their candidate-appeal and catch game changing talent in a market that is universally short of skills.

1 - Be innovative:

The one thing all of the big brands on the list, compiled by Global research and advisory firm Universum, have in common is that they are perceived as being innovators. The names Google and Apple are synonymous with cutting-edge products, and that is a big draw for engineers looking to make a name for themselves.

We say: Jonathan Lee Recruitment’s Managing Consultant of Aerospace, Defence and Aviation, Matthew Heath, said: “If your products are groundbreaking and innovative in their own fields, then demonstrate the same passion for the product that your MD has to the potential candidate in recruitment communications. Candidates will see that you have the potential to have a significant impact on your market and that will seem exciting and attractive.”

2 - Be generous:

According to the Chartered Institute of Professional Development, the average recruitment cost of filling a vacancy per employee is £4,333, increasing to £7,750 when organisations are also calculating the associated labour turnover costs. Making sure that you have the right person, first time, and keeping them for the long-term, could be worth a little extra investment.

We say: Head of Automotive Recruitment Mark Bignell said: “A healthy pay package is clearly a major incentive for any talented employee, but not every SME can afford to compete with some of the well funded larger companies. There is an alternative though that not only provides an excellent incentive, but also could appeal to anyone who thinks they can add their expertise and make a real difference to the company; for businesses that look like they’re going somewhere, profit sharing schemes can be a powerful inducement to come work for you instead of for someone else.”

3 - Be visible:

You may be used to the idea of checking a candidate’s social media profile to make sure you are getting the right person, but rest assured they will be doing the same in reverse. According to Bloomberg Business Week, since 2011 Adobe has used LinkedIn to find more than half of its new hires and used traditional job sites only for 5%.

We say: “Thanks to the Internet, and social media in particular, candidates’ knowledge of employers is becoming wider as information becomes more available and accessible. The ability to convey your company culture to potential recruits is crucial. Ensure that all of these outlets are not just a source of potential clients, but have an area tailored to recruitment,” says Business Partner for Operations Sally Fallon, who is responsible for

4 - Be an investor in people:

The days of working for a company from apprenticeship until they give you a gold watch are long gone!

We say: According to Henry Noteman, Head of Integrated HR, Jonathan Lee Recruitment’s HR Consultancy, “Most employees aren't looking for jobs where they’ll do the same thing for the next thirty years. They're looking for positions that offer opportunities for advancement. What will the position you have available offer? New skills, career advancement, better pay or more responsibility? Whatever it is, in terms of attracting employees, be sure to get the future possibilities on the table. Many people are realistic about the opportunities available in the current economic climate and a job with good long-term prospects will seem very attractive. Demonstrating that you are willing to invest in them also shows that you are as committed to the relationship as they are.”

5 - Be flexible:

Home working or flexitime may not suit every company, but showing a willingness to meet the modern worker halfway can go a long way to getting strong candidates at a reduced cost. Work/lifestyle blog lists some of the benefits of remote offices, including reduced travel costs equating to increased pay at no expense to the employer and a happier, healthier work-life balance. the benefits in terms of childcare also helps attract more experienced members of staff who have family commitments and those who often bear the brunt of juggling work and family.

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